Fall 2013 Newsletter
Space Qualification Testing

Our isolators have successfully passed the     Space Qualification Testing below:


 Thermal Shock
-65�C,  +125�C,  50 cycles
MIL-STD-202G, Method 7
Test Condition B1
27-31 GHz:       -70 dBi
18-22 GHz:      - 80 dBi
Random Vibration
50grms @ 3 min per axis

24h dwell @

125�C under < 5x10^-5 torr



Thermal Vacuum Orders
DiTom Microwave is proud to announce two new Thermal Vacuum orders in Q3 and Q4 of 2013. 
These orders are from two separate major U.S. Satellite Manufacturing companies for the supply of X and Ka band ferrite isolators and circulators. 
"It's really great that we are getting new customers interested in our Hi-Rel ferrite products
," says Mark Weisz President and CEO. "Our Ka band ferrite products are really taking off." 
"We're able to leverage our industry experience with the quality and technical ability to produce the highest reliability ferrite isolator product on the market today."
With these orders DiTom has secured 8 Thermal Vacuum orders with 5 different satellite manufacturing companies over the last 2 1/2 years.
Welcome to the DiTom Microwave Fall 2013 Newsletter.  We've been hard at work over the last couple of months putting our ferrite devices through rigorous testing as we continue to work with major satellite manufacturing companies on full space qualification of our ferrite products. 
We've extended our in-house testing capabilities to include a brand new LACO Technologies Thermal Vacuum Chamber and Anritsu MS2726C Spectrum Analyzer for Space Flight Hardware testing. 
The thermal vacuum chamber's testing levels are -
50�C to +200�C
and vacuum down to 10^-6 torr and the spectrum analyzer can test to -110 dBi and up to 43 GHz.
Your Next Requirement
We're always up for a good technical conversation about our ferrite products.  If any of the information in this newsletter peaks your interest, please feel free to contact me anytime.  I'd be glad to discuss our capabilities with you in more detail.


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DiTom's proven rugged and reliable connectorized ferrite isolators and circulators are on multiple Defense and Space programs.  Our hardware can be found on UAV's, EW Aircraft, SIGINT/ELINT Platforms, Tactical Data Links, Ground Terminal Systems, Shipboard and Helicopter Platforms, and Satellite Communication Systems.  


Below you will find a short list of programs DiTom Microwave has supported over the years: 

1.  Wideband Global Satcom 

150 + TVAC Qualified Isolators 

X and Ka band


2.  Express AM5 and AM6    

130 + TVAC Qualified Isolators 

L, C, Ku, and Ka bands


3.  SICRAL2 and KAZSAT3    

180 + TVAC Qualified Isolators 

S, C, X, and Ku bands


4.  Modernization of Enterprise Terminals    

400 + MIL Qualified Isolators

L and Ka band


5.  Warfighter Information Network - Tactical    

250+ MIL Qualified Isolators

X, Ku, and Ka bands


6.  E2D Advanced Hawkeye    

150 + MIL-AERO Qualified Isolators  

Classified bands



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