2012 Benchmarks in Diabetes Managements

2012 Benchmarks in Diabetes Management

2012 Benchmarks in Diabetes Management

Dear Healthcare Executive,

The total cost of diagnosed diabetes in the United States in 2007 amounted to $174 billion, estimates the American Association of Diabetes. Adults with diabetes are more at risk for strokes and heart disease than those without diabetes.

Proper control of diabetes goes beyond prescribed pills and injections to convincing individuals with diabetes to self-manage their condition, paying critical and ongoing attention to weight, diet, glucose levels, blood pressure and other clinical metrics. Pre-publication discount on 2012 Benchmarks in Diabetes Management

2012 Benchmarks in Diabetes Management provides actionable data from 83 organizations on current diabetes management programs and their impact on population health outcomes and healthcare spend.

This 40-page resource is designed to meet business and planning needs of primary care providers, physician organizations, health plans, disease management organization and others by providing critical benchmarks that show how the industry is working to more effectively engage patients in the self-management of their diabetes.

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This exclusive benchmarks report analyzes the responses of 83 healthcare organizations to HIN's 2011 Industry Survey on Diabetes Management, presenting the data in more than 30 easy-to-follow graphs and tables.

This industry snapshot is enhanced by success strategies in respondents' own words and advice from the 12-year-old Hudson River HealthCare Diabetes Collaborative, which takes a team-based medical home approach to diabetic care for its more than 3,400 adult patients.

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