May 2019, ISSUE 127
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Dear DiabetesSister,

As we welcome May, I hope you are enjoying the beauty of lush green grasses and the blooming of flowers.

We continue to forge ahead at DiabetesSisters, planning programs and enhancing services for you. This month's newsletter brings a wealth of information, with a spotlight on emergencies and how to best prepare. Take a read, enjoy!

In Sisterhood,
Anna Norton, MS, CEO
25 Triumphant (NOT Perfect!) Years THRIVING with Diabetes
Being prepared for emergencies and natural disasters is important when you live with a chronic condition. Not sure where to start? The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) shares a checklist you can download in English or Spanish to help you be sure you're prepared.

Anna F and Abigail G share some insights on managing diabetes during the transition out of college life and into the adult working world. Read their stories in our Between the Lines series.

Our experts have advice on handling different emergency situations in our diabetes lives.

This month, we’re excited to share a new resource for hypoglycemia education - Hypoglycemia and You: How to Prevent Hypoglycemia and Live Well with Diabetes. On this site, you’ll learn what hypoglycemia is, the reasons it may occur, and strategies to reduce risk and complications. Visit and become more empowered to manage your hypoglycemic questions, symptoms, and events.
In our PODS Spotlight this month, we are heading off to St Augustine, Florida. Learn what inspired Leader Melissa to create a PODS meetup closer to her home, and the value their members find from having peer support.

We've gathered some great resources on travel with diabetes and on hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, happens when a person with diabetes experiences a blood sugar level below 70. Our Hypoglycemia brochure, sponsored by Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Xeris, explains the risks and symptoms, and offers tips to help you and your loved ones be prepared. Available in English and Spanish in our Library.

The menopausal transition can be difficult for many women. But what happens when you have diabetes too? Mary de Groot, Ph.D., a clinical health psychologist at the Indiana University School of Medicine, wants to find out. She is conducting an online survey study of women age 40 or older to learn how women with diabetes experience the menopause transition.

Lilly is offering new solutions to lower and cap monthly out-of-pocket costs for people who pay at or near full list price, including launching a helpline. The Lilly Diabetes Solution Center provides answers for people who need help paying for insulin.

*Lilly is a DiabetesSisters 2019 National Strategic Partner.

Chattanooga, TN
May 2, 6:30pm

Rochester, NY (Westside)
May 6, 6:00pm

St. Augustine, FL
May 6, 6:00pm

Richmond, VA
May 6, 6:30pm

Portland, OR
May 7, 6:45pm

Jacksonville, FL
May 8, 7:00pm

Princeton, NJ
May 8 7:00pm

Clifton Park, NY
May 11, 10:00am
Austin, TX
May 11, 10:30am

Ventura County/West San Fernando Valley, CA
May 13, 6:30pm

Greater Philadelphia, PA
May 13, 7:00pm

Sebastian, FL
May 15,6:30pm

Chesapeake, VA
May 16, 6:30pm

Richmond, VA (Chesterfield)
May 16, 7:00pm

Virtual / Online
May 16, 8:00pm EST
Columbus, OH
May 18, 11:00am

Williamsburg, VA
May 21, 5:30pm

Albany/Schenectady, NY
May 21, 6:15pm

Reno, NV
May 21, 6:30pm

Minneapolis/St Paul, MN
May 21, 6:30pm

Bridgewater, NJ
May 22, 7:00pm

Reno, NV (Daytime)
May 23, 10:00am

Rochester, NY (CollegeTown/U of R)
May 28, 6:30pm