November 2019, ISSUE 133
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Dear DiabetesSister,

It's hard to believe it's already and we are welcoming National Diabetes Awareness Month (#NDAM). This month, I challenge you to educate those who may have preconceived notions or misunderstandings about diabetes, support friends and family living with diabetes, and find time for self-care.

In Sisterhood,
Anna Norton, MS, CEO
26 Triumphant (NOT Perfect!) Years THRIVING with Diabetes
Our PODS Leaders recently gathered in Chicago to learn, share, and connect at our fifth annual Leadership Institute. Read CEO Anna Norton's insights from the weekend, and then check out our photo gallery!

* Thank you to our Leadership Institute sponsors Boehringer Ingelheim, Lilly, Merck, Novo Nordisk, Regeneron, and Xeris
This month, Asha B. and Erin A. both share their journeys with eating disorders and diabetes, and discuss the road to their recovery. Check out these compelling stories on our Between the Lines page.

Last month, DiabetesSisters staged a week-long takeover of the Beyond Type 2 and Beyond Type 1 Instagram pages. Each day, a different woman from our community was featured on each page!

*Special thanks to Beyond Type 1 for their continued partnership.
This month, our Experts offer advice and tips on pregnancy, organization, and living your best diabetes life!
November is Diabetes Awareness Month (#NDAM), and we continue to spread awareness with two great articles! First, DiabetesSisters Board Member David W shares what he sees as a "type 3" who supports his wife on her journey with diabetes. Then, our friend, Susan Weiner, MS, RDN, CDE, FAADE shares facts on type 2 diabetes, heart health, and diabetes counseling.
Women living with diabetes are more likely to develop eating disorders than their peers without diabetes. Our brochure discusses the different types of eating disorders and how you can get help. Download it, in both English and Spanish, from our Library.

with Lorena Drago, MS, RDN, CDN, CDE
November 13, Miami, FL

with Lorena Drago, MS, RDN, CDN, CDE
November 14, Miami, FL

November 15, Woodridge, IL

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Lilly offers solutions to lower and cap monthly out-of-pocket costs for people who pay at or near full list price, including a helpline to answer your questions. The Lilly Diabetes Solution Center provides answers for people who need help paying for insulin.

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Columbus, OH
November 2, 11:30am

Richmond, VA (West End)
November 3, 1:00pm

Rochester, NY (Westside)
November 4, 6:00pm

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Chantilly, VA
November 4, 6:00pm

St. Augustine, FL
November 4, 6:00pm

Ventura County/West San Fernando Valley, CA
November 4, 6:30pm

Apex/Cary, NC
November 6, 6:00pm

Worcester, MA
November 6, 6:00pm

Marion, OH
November 7, 3:30pm

Soddy-Dais y, TN
November 7, 4:30pm
Chattanooga, TN
November 7, 6:30pm

Capital District, NY
November 9, 10:00am

Providence, RI
November 11, 7:00pm

Greater Philadelphia, PA
November 11, 7:00pm

Jacksonville, FL
November 13, 7:00pm

Princeton, NJ
November 13, 7:00pm

Durham, NC
November 14, 5:30pm

Old Bridge, NJ
November 15, 10:00am

Arlington, VA
November 18, 7:00pm

Rochester, NY
November 19, 6:00pm
Reno, NV
November 19, 6:30pm

Denver, CO
November 20, 6:30pm

Bridgewater, NJ
November 20, 7:00pm

Reno, NV (Daytime)
November 21, 10:00am

Chesapeake, VA
November 21, 6:30pm

Richmond, VA (Chesterfield)
November 21, 7:00pm

Minneapolis/ St Paul, MN
November 23, 10:30am

Hampton / Clinton, NJ
November 25, 7:00pm

Boston /
South Shore, MA
November 27, 7:00pm