Please join us in supporting one of the most loyal friends of the Dialogue on Diversity in his small business in time of COVID-19. This gentleman has obtained a DJ among other support each year for our Holiday Fair & Children's Gift Collection. He has been around to help us for the past 18 years.

We take our hats off to Ramon Cala for his generosity and concern for our children of immigrant communities in the Metro area.
We will be holding the Children's Holiday Fair again against the backdrop of COVID-19 on
Dec. 12, 2020 (11:00 am - 2:00 pm) 

Watch for particulars and please reserve the date in your calendars.

BE SAFE!! Keep in touch!
Puerto Rican teen is named Lemonade Day 2020 National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year
Bright fledgling Entrepreneurs, all in their mid-teens, compete each Summer in the tests of practical enterprise, vying for recognition in the nationwide Lemonade Day program. This year’s top honoree is Danya Ruiz, purveying her specialty of Lemonade Plain or Strawberry, at the multiple sites, plus Carry-Out, she has set up in her home city of San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, some forty miles south of the San Juan metro area. Ms. Ruiz operates under her own carefully styled business plan, saving the profits for expansion. Besides pride in her burgeoning business, she notes a special satisfaction in being the first Latina and the first denizen of the Puerto Rican commonwealth to cop the top award.
Among sponsoring entities for the Puerto Rico Lemonade Day program are CRECE (Center for Economic Renewal, Growth, Excellence) founded (2013) by former Governor Luís B. Fortuño, a speaker at several recent Dialogue on Diversity conferences.  The 2020 award, honoring the National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year, is sponsored, very appropriately, by Limoneira, a leading grower of lemons and avocados, Ventura County, California, founded approx. 130 years ago and now acquiring additional orchard acreage in Chile and South Africa.
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