Diamond Street Monthly Newsletter

May 2022

May News:

May 4th - Half day for Owls, Eagles, Falcons

May 6th- Muffins for Moms

May 27th - Full day Owls, Eagles, Falcons. No school for Orioles, Swans, Half day preschool?

May 30th- Closed Memorial Day

June -Last Day for Swans

June - last day for Orioles, half day preschool

June - First day of Summer Camp

Our Silent Auction and Book Fair were a great success. We raised $1,500 room the silent auction to go towards school expenses.The book fair brought in over $700 in books.

As spring is on its way, today we have a fun flower themed party food idea to share with you - flower crudité cups! These are healthy, super easy to make and look so cute!

We used carrot and cucumber for the veggie sticks, but you can adapt this idea to suit your own preferences - colorful red, yellow, orange or green pepper sticks and celery would also work brilliantly. You could also swap the hummus for another dip of your choice - sour cream dip or guacamole are great for this too!


Flower Crudité Cups

Ingredients (makes approx. 6):

·        1 tub ready-made hummus

·        ½ cucumber

·        1 large carrot

·        6 mini Babybel cheeses


Remove the outer plastic wrapper from the cheeses.

Using mini cutters or the tip of a sharp knife, cut flowers into the wax on the cheeses. I removed the flower shapes from some of mine, and left some in place but peeled the petals away from the cheese for the others.

Pop the cheese flowers on top of the veggie sticks then serve immediately.

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For new summer enrollment or school age enrollment, see Angie or pick up a preregistration form at by the checkout computer

Diamond Street Photo Gallery

Warbler cuties!

Cardinals are going on a spring scavenger hunt

Hat Day

hat day fun in the Bluebirds

Watching the hamster ball

Eagles at play

Story time in the Robins

Eagles are dying Easter eggs!


Hummingbirds just hanging around

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May Birthdays:

Ms. Ioana May 1st

Luke May 1st

Ellarie May 6th

Ruby May 7th

Amelia May 7th

Becca May 9th

Greyson May 16th

Casen May 20th

Callum May 25th

Ethan May 26th