Diamond Street Monthly Newsletter

September 2022


Sept 2nd - NO school pre k counts; full day SA

Sept 5th - Labor Day, CLOSED

Sept 9th - Getting Groovy with Grandparents

Sept 12,13,14 - picture days

Sept 15th - Semi Annual parent meeting

Sept 22nd - no school pre k counts; full day SA

Community Day Review

We held our first community day on July 30th. Yummy goodies from the food trucks, visits from the fire company and police and several vendors were all on site for some fun!

Fun September Days to Celebrate with your Child:


Sept 1st - Ginger Cat Appreciation        day

Sept 3rd - Hummingbird Day

Sept 4th -Pet Rock Day

Sept 5th - Labor Day

Sept 6th -Read a Book Day

Sept 9th - Teddy Bear Day

Sept 13th -Ants on a Log day

Sept.16th- Collect Rocks day

Sept. 21st-School Backpack day

Sept. 25th - Cooking day

 Need some kid friendly recipes for September? Check out the link below!


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Diamond Street Photo Gallery

Visiting the playground

                                                  a messy painter in the Bluebird room

Party time!

Visiting the Amish House and Farm

                                                                Story time with Ms Estu

The Eastland Alpacas were fun to visit

 A sleepy Hummingbird

A snuggly Bluebird

                                                                        Bowling fun!

Robins pushing strollers

Look at that! Watching the construction of the new garden

Cooking project in the Hummingbird room

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September Birthdays:

Ada 9/3

Zane S. 9/3

Gabriel G. 9/4

Otto 9/9

Wyatt G. 9/10

Corbin 9/12

Owen 9/17

Gabriel H. 9/19

Landon 9/21

Sophia F. 9/24

Avery 9/26

Greyson F. 9/30

Ms. Kanha 9/5

Ms. Amy G. 9/13

Ms. Amanda 9/24