Diana Welday Gantz 1944 - 2018    
Diana Welday Gantz was born in Lodi, Ohio.  She passed away 7/16/18 and was a resident of Wadsworth Pointe, Wadsworth, OH. 

She is survived by her husband Ralph, son James, brother Carl Welday (Becky), sisters Janice, Carol, and Edna. 

Diana graduated in 1962 from Wadsworth High School.  She  hand worked at Morton Salt in Ritman and the Rittman EMS. 

Her husband Ralph still lives at Wadsworth Point.  She was cremated.

   Diana Welday
   Wadsworth High School
   Graduating Class of 1962            

WHS Future Business Leaders of America, 1961-62.  Row 1: Kinnard, Nester, Poder, Kline, Rohrer, Scott, Arnott, Adams, Huffman.  Row 2: Pifer, McCaman, Welday, Shafer, Troyan, Taylor, Conti, Dressler. Row 3: Mrs. Bentler (Advisor), Zakraysek, King, Barton, Casenhiser, Evans, Lawshe, Stebbins, Mrs. Mast (Advisor).  Row 4: Kellerman, Miracle, Connell, Heath, Ott, Baker, Sega, Browing.  Row 5: Gorman, Routt, Williams, Williams, Saltzman, Bolich, Sharp, Brant. Bird.  Row 6: Vetter, Karwich, Heyl, Heath, Smith, Dibble, Manwell, Tekaucic. 
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