I'm delighted to finally announce the release of my book:

A Seven-Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life!


Those of you who are writers understand the feeling of satisfaction when a book is released into the universe. It's very much like birthing a baby--it's exciting, surreal and, at times, euphoric.
For me, Writing for Bliss is different from any of my previous eight books. The reason is that this book is a culmination of my life's work, beginning with when I was ten years old and used writing to cope with a deep personal trauma. In fact, that trauma marked the beginning of my lifelong practice of writing for healing.
Fast-forward many years later, and my writing practice has culminated with my doctoral research. By interviewing esteemed writers (whose interviews I share in Writing for Bliss), I studied the healing and transformative powers of memoir writing. My research results inspired me to write this book for both emerging and seasoned writers. By sharing personal anecdotes and seven easy steps, Writing for Bliss provides guidance, encouragement, and writing prompts to help writers on their own road to growth and transformation. I hope you enjoy this journey with me!
Book excerpt (edited for space and clarity):

Most writers will confess that they write because they have to write, not necessarily because they want to write. They write out of necessity because either it makes them feel better or they want to share their story with the world. I fall into both these categories: writing makes me feel good; when I don't write, I feel as if something's missing from my life; plus, I also yearn to share my stories with others in the hope that they will resonate in a way that brings healing and a deeper way of knowing and understanding.
My beginnings as a writer began when I was ten years old and wrote in my journal to help myself cope with, and heal from, the suicide of my grandmother, who had also been my caretaker and had lived in my childhood home.
I was the only child of immigrant parents who worked all day tending their retail dry-goods store in Brooklyn, New York. My grandparents lived with us, and while my grandfather spent much of his time in New York City becoming culturally acclimated, my maternal grandmother, Regina, stayed home to take care of me. On Labor Day, 1964, I was at home with her; and to make a long story short, I found her in her bedroom, lying on her bed, with a bottle of open pills on her nightstand. She had taken her life.
My mother knew I was grieving and wanted to help me through the trauma of having lost my grandmother. Reaching out to therapists was not done in those days; and even if it had been, we would not have had the money for it. Others might have seen therapists, but it was certainly not something anyone ever talked about. My grandmother had been a journal keeper. After some contemplation about how to help me cope with the loss of this important person in my life, who had also been my caretaker, my mother went to the nearest stationery store and bought me a blank, red leather journal with a saying by Kahlil Gibran at the top of each page. I found many favorite sayings in that book, but this is the one that helped me cope best: "If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were."
Little did I realize that my mother's seemingly innocent gesture of buying me a journal would set the stage for my lifelong passion for writing. As I grew into adulthood, each time I encountered difficult times-including my turbulent adolescence in the 1960s, my daughter's drug addiction, and my battles with cancer-I wrote about what I was going through. Not only did I explore my lived experiences, but I also wrote about how they made me feel.
I had always been a seeker, but the experience of reflecting upon my grandmother's life and then finding her journal led me on a path of discovery and further transformation as I tried to understand why she had taken her life at the age of sixty-one-the age, in fact, that I was when I began writing this book.
I wrote and published my first memoir not only to help me accept and understand losing my grandmother but also to help others who might have faced similar losses. My intention in creating this present book, Writing for Bliss, is to share my passion for writing and how it has helped me heal over the course of six decades. I hope it will help you transcend what immediately meets your eyes by digging deeper into your psyche and hearing the voice of your true, authentic self, while listening to the messages of your heart rather than suppressing them. I want to share the different ways of reflecting and self-discovery I have learned as a way to bring a sense of wholeness and, ultimately, a sense of bliss. My hope is that you will become inspired to write during your joyous and difficult times, while also experimenting with different genres and ways of writing and being.
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"...for those who hope to use writing as a way to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, Raab offers a worthy, practical guide of the aspiring memoirist."  ~ KIRKUS REVIEWS

"Part writing guide, part memoir, and part love letter to the craft of writing, Diana Raab's Writing for Bliss is a caring and motivational guide. Raab's love of words and her belief in the power of story shines through." ~ FOREWORD REVIEWS

" Writing for Bliss is far more than a 'how-to-manual.' It enlightens the creative process with wisdom and a delightful sense of adventure. Bravo to Bliss!" ~   LINDA GRAY SEXTON, author of Searching for Mercy Street: My Journey Back to My Mother, Anne Sexton

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    and wonder.
  • Write about a fascinating or compelling family story. 
  • Write about a life lesson or piece of wisdom that you'd like to share with the world.
  • Write a poem about your personal journey. 
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