JULY 2017

Thank you PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY for your review of WRITING FOR BLISS:

"Most co mpelling here is Raab's willingness to share her intimate stories...Her revelations are encouraging to writers who feel they need "permission to take... a voyage of self-discovery."
~ Publisher's Weekly

Summer time is a time to make your dreams come true. Maybe it's a time  to do things you've always wanted to do, but never had the time for. Maybe one of those things is to start a  journal or doing some personal writing-whether it's poetry, essays, short stories or novels. Perhaps if you have time off this summer,  it might be a good time to embark on this journey.

For inspiration and ideas on how to begin writing, check out my latest book,  Writing for Bliss. It's now available on Amazon for pre-order. 

If you pre-order and send me a copy of your receipt, you will receive  a small gift of gratitude! 

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Publication date:  September 2017


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 Writing Prompts
  • Write about your most memorable summer holiday.
  • Write about your favorite summer memory. 
  • Make a list of words that remind you of summer.
    Craft a poem using those words.
  • Write about what special events you have planned
    for this summer.
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Reading Suggestions 
Put more TIME on your side
by Jan Yager (self-help)

I am not an avid reader of management self-improvement books, but this is one that I could not put down. Even as someone who is fairly organized and productive, I learned a great deal from this book that will help me with time management as a way to increase productivity. The underlying message here, for time management, is the idea of prioritizing, which is vital, as so many of us are inundated with emails that we feel we need to answer right away. As a list maker, I was delighted to hear that Yager is an advocate of creating them. She also advocates making positive affirmations.

This book is an excellent way  to kick off the summer-a time when we might want to spend more time relaxing, while still being mindful that we have work that needs to be done, and priorities we need to schedule accordingly. 

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