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July 2016

  • Write about a special summer memory you had as a child.
  • Write a page about a memorable experience with a grandparent.
  • Write a letter to a deceased grandparent.
  • If you are a grandparent, write about what the experience means to you.

Jaxson Alexander Bassett -
born June 3, 2016 
For many grandparents, summer means they get to see their grandchildren. But for me, this summer marks the milestone of my becoming a grandmother.

On June 3rd, my first grandchild, Jaxson Alexander Bassett, was born. He weighed  8 pounds 2 ounces, and 22 inches long. Friends have commented how remarkable event this is in our lives, and I  have to agree that it was  surreal holding the baby of my baby.

When I heard of my grandson's birth, I flew from California to Florida, but the journey felt effortle
Rachel, Richard and Jaxson
and went quickly. Unlike most flights where I write a lot, I spent a great deal of time gazing out of the window into the clouds, dreaming and reminiscing. I thought about how my daughter Rachel was born at 4 1/2 pounds, and now she had a son nearly double her weight. I thought about what a great mother she was to her dolls and little animals and knew she would be an amazing mother to Jax, and how Richard and her will be remarkable parents, and what a beautiful family of three.  I also reflected on how my own mother hadn't wanted tt become a grandmother because it made her feel old, and also because she'd never been a big fan of children. If there was a daughter at the other end of the personal ity spectrum, that would be me. I am so proud and over the moon happy to be a grandmother!
Me, Rachel and Jaxson
 (1 day old) 
Becoming a grandmother puts life in perspecti ve . All else falls by the wayside in terms of priorities. I began needlepointing again, something I haven't done in more than 40 years, a craft I learned
from my own grandmother, whose needle point chairs I still have framing my home. As I put the needle through the holes I wonder what I will teach my own grandson. Will it be to love books? To write his first poem? Or just unconditional love? Whatever it is, I look forward to the adventure and am grateful to Rachel and Richard for bringing this beautiful boy into my life.


by Lesley Stahl

This illuminating book reminds the reader that the stereotype of the hunch-backed grandmother walking with a cane to her rocking chair where she's handed the baby, is quite outdated. Today's grandma is hip, busy, and has a life outside of her family. She's a "glamma," as Stahl calls her. Even though she has an important as a well-respected journalist, Stahl points out that becoming a grandmother has been life-changing.

" Becoming a grandmother turns the page. Line by line you are rewritten. You are tilted off your old center, spun onto new turf. There's a faint scent of deja vu from when you raised your own children, but this place feels freer. Here you rediscover fun and laughing, and reach a dept of pure loving you have never felt before," Stahl reports. She admits that there are no role models for a grandmother in the twenty-first century, and that baby boomer grannies or grans, as she calls them, are unlike the grannies of previous generations. They're sometimes younger, but often more vivacious and have more of a zest for life. As the first generation of grandmothers who aren't defined only by our families, making us much more interesting as individuals to our grandchildren.

Whether you read in e-book or hard copy format (these days I buy both), this book is a fast-read. It will make you smile, laugh and treasure even more the bundle that is in your arms, even but for a minute. Highly recommended!

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