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"Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us.When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused."  
~ Paul Coelho


  • Make a list of all the things you love.
  • Write about someone you love. What makes them special?
  • Write about a time when you felt most loved.
  • Write about your best Valentine's Day.



Two years ago in honor of Valentine's Day I released my fourth book of poetry was  called Lust. This was a collection of poems I'd accumulated over the past 20 years. They were in a secret file on my computer and for some reason, it felt like the right time to bring them in to the world. For those of you who'd like to hear the book read, either in the bedroom or on the road, there's a sexy Audible version read by New York actress, Kate Udall.
For me, launching the book was fun and challenging. The most interesting part was seeing the reactions of others during my readings. What I realized is that in many cases, my poems merging transparency and imagination helped others free themselves of their own personal restraints. When giving workshops on writing Lust, I found that many people released their inhibitions. As one writing mentor told me, "Let it rip." Watching the transformation in others  gave me a great deal of pleasure. 
Maybe this year we can let go of some inhibitions and fears, and allow life to unfold as it was meant to unfold.

Whatever bravery you seek, go for it. Have no fear. 

Intimacies: Poems of Love (poetry) by Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda is amongst one of my very favorite poets and I am pleased to share this book with you during this month of love. There's something magical about the way he strings words together, and for me, this collection- which includes some of his later poems-goes to the core of what Neruda is all about. 

This work is a reminder of the importance of love in all aspects of our lives. Neruda's poetry reflects his passion for life coupled with all its joys, sorrows, obstacles, manifestations and transformations. His poetry chronicles the expansiveness of the lived experience in the most poetic way.

One of the many special treats of reading Neruda's book is that on the right side of each page spread one of his poems is English and the left side there is the poems in his original Spanish. I am inspired to learn Spanish so I can read his poems in their original language

Neruda's poetry captures the essence of love. It's difficult for me to choose my favorite poem, as they all have something to offer, but in honor of Valentine's Day, I share with you a segment of his poem, "Love." Of everything I have seen/it's you I want to go on seeing;/of everything I 've touched,/it's your fleet I want to go on touching. /I love your orange laughter./I am moved by the sight of your sleeping.

The abstract paintings by California artist, Mary Heebner further accentuate the beauty and power of Neruda's poetry, making this a wonderful gift for your beloved one and/or a beautiful addition to your coffee table.


Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen (poetry/autobiography)

I recently received this book as a gift from a dear friend. As a former Montrealer and lover of Cohen's music, I just had to share this book with my readers. It was  published in 2006, and is a classic to be read over and over again. It is a book woven with poetry, prose and compelling portraits and illustrations to be read by  both men and women .

A couple of years ago I had the unique opportunity to see Cohen perform live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  I sat in the third row, and all I can only say is that the event was transformative. This 80-year-old man, back on tour, was as tireless and timeless as his lyrics.

During this month of love, I'd like to share this short poem called, "Remote." 

"I often think about you/when I'm trying alone in/my room with my moth/open and the remote/lost somewhere in the bed."


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