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March 2016


"You can cut all the flower, but you cannot keep Spring from coming."
~ Pablo Neruda


  • Spring is thought of as a time of new beginnings. Write about a time when you started something new.
  • Write about all those things that remind you of Spring.
  • If you were to do spring cleaning, what items would you choose to depart with? 


Me in Anais Nin's Cape
at "The Allure of Anais Nin" 

Moving into March is about new beginnings and even a new season-spring! It's a time when we move from the darkness into the light. By embracing the light we have a greater chance of letting go of the darkness. In order  for healing and transformation to occur, it's essential that we embrace our shadow-side, and move towards the light.

March is a time of illumination!

To me, this is all blissful. As you can see from my smile in this photo, I was honored and blessed to wear Anais Nin's cape for the first Raab Writing Series at Antioch University Santa Barbara! Wrap yourself in light and bliss!


The Art of Memoir (nonfiction) Mary Karr

It's a treat to read an analytical book by an author who knows more about penning a memoir than any other living writer-after all, she's the rare individual who has written three: The Liar's Club, Cherry, and Lit. Furthermore, this book offers a broad perspective of someone who has had a full life as a wife, mother, therapy patient, writer, spiritual seeker, and alcoholic-while always living with lust and deep curiosity.
The Art of Memoir is not necessarily what the title suggests-that is, it's not a how-to book about memoir. It's a powerful literary critique of the form. Karr is very generous in her observations, sharing many examples and excerpts of other famous writers and contemporaries who, like her, have made the memoir form come alive. These writers include Tobias Woolff, Maxine Hong Kingston, Geoffrey Woolf, Maya Angelou, Kathryn Harrison, as well as one of her very favorite writers, Vladimir Nabokov, who wrote the book Speak Memory.

Karr shares many gems in this book, one of which is: "Each great memoir lives or dies based 100 percent on voice." I could not agree more. "For the reader," she adds, "the voice has to exist from the first sentence."
Having had the distinct pleasure of meeting Karr recently, I feel that I am at an advantage as I hear her vocalize the essence of this book. Her words are alive, both on the page and in person. She's one of those rare writers who writes the way she speaks, and she will be the first to humbly admit that great memoirists are those who speak  is as they write, and in a way that brings their readers closer to them. This book is highly recommended, regardless of your preferred genre.


" Tantric Acquaintance." (poem), in  Ascent Aspirations Magazine: Friday's Poem . January 22, 2015.

" Bificuration." (poem), in Done Darkness: A collection of stories, poetry, and essays about life beyond sadness. by Pam Parker and Kathy Lanzarotti, editors.

"The Secret to Finding Your Bliss" (blog entry), in
Psychology Today. February 5, 2016.

"Being Naked Physically and Emotionally" (blog entry),,
Psychology Today, February 16 2016. 
"The Key to Finding Your Bliss." (blog entry), in
Huffington Post, February 17, 2016.

"Love and Will and Being Naked." (blog entry), in Psychology Today February 25, 2016.
"Wishing Well." (poem), in  Pyrokinection, March 25, 2016.


The January 29th event of "The Allure of Anas Nin," at Antioch University Santa Barbara was a huge success and the room was overflowing with attendees. The energy and enthusiasm were wonderful and I want to once again thank the great line-up of speakers, Tristine Rainer, Steven Reigns, Perie Longo, and Judith Citrin.

Also, many thanks to Mary of Tecolote Books and to Paul Herron of Sky Blue Press for also helping to keep the spirit of Anais Nin alive.

The event is now posted on You-Tube.

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