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Seasonal Newsletter: Fall 2020
Autumn: A Time of Change,
Transition, and Release
Can you feel it—the change of seasons? Fall is in the air. The trees on my street will soon be changing into their fall colors. With vibrant bursts of orange, red, and gold, they’ll prepare to shed their leaves once more in their annual ritual of release.

Autumn has always been a time of transitions and release, a time to put away the gifts of summer and begin gathering our fall harvests. The cooler weather brings new energies and new beginnings, as children begin another school year. This year, with the COVID pandemic, the details may look very different. Yet in the natural world, the cycle of seasons turns once more, inviting us to release the past to make way for new possibilities.

In this season of autumn, is there something you’d like to release?

Some releases are tangible:

  • Releasing old clothes you no longer wear. Some of my friends are using these long days at home to clean out their closets, to donate and discard what no longer fits or serves their needs. This ritual of release creates space for greater order in their lives. Does this form of release appeal to you?

  • Releasing clutter in your home or home office. Other friends are clearing off their counters and table tops, clearing their desks and files, bringing order and beauty to the days to come. Is this a good time to release clutter from your life? 
Some releases are intangible:

  • Releasing an unproductive habit. One of these habits could be constantly checking email and social media. One of my friends gives herself a Sabbath, taking a day off from these media each week. If you have an unproductive habit you’d like to release, what is one small step you can take to begin this process?

  • Releasing lingering resentment. It’s natural to experience resentment when we’ve been hurt and betrayed or suffered from a painful breakup. If the relationship is past, it’s time to release that old baggage to clear your heart and mind. Perhaps you can perform a ritual of release like writing the person a letter to express your feelings, then tearing it up and letting it go. If this person is still in your life, you may wish to consult a supportive therapist or coach to help you release your resentment, improve communication, and heal this relationship.

  • Releasing an outgrown sense of yourself. Are you trying to meet today’s challenges with yesterday’s sense of yourself? If your 9-year-old self was denied love and acceptance and is still searching for approval, you may need to acknowledge that part. Reflection, journal writing, or work with a compassionate coach or therapist may help. Releasing what you’ve outgrown with greater insight and self-compassion could help you move forward in life.

  • Releasing frustration and anxiety. Have you been worried about the pandemic, political unrest, the economy, the environment, or your own personal security, your health, your job, or your future? If so, your days may be filled with anxiety that drains your energy and leaves you feeling helpless and hopeless. If you’re experiencing panic attacks or serious depression, please contact a therapist or call the suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255. Otherwise, whenever you find yourself worried and anxious, you might try this practice from the HeartMath Institute, https://www.heartmath.org:
  • Take a deep, slow breath and slowly release it.
  • Focus your attention on your heart. Imagine your breath flowing in and out of your heart area as you continue to breathe slowly and deeply.
  • Recall a feeling of love for a person, pet, or special place, experiencing peace, calm, appreciation, or gratitude.
  • Experience this feeling flowing through your body as you continue breathing slowly and deeply.
  • When distracting thoughts come in, return to your heart-focused breathing.
After a few moments, notice how you feel. You may find you’re more focused and calm, able to face today’s challenges with greater peace of mind.

  • Releasing hopelessness by taking positive action. This does not mean avoiding what is going on. If we pretend everything in our country is fine and put on a happy face, the problems are still there. What we can do is focus on one problem and take one step to address it. Taking positive action can help release feelings of hopelessness. Some of my neighbors are making masks for essential workers. Others are collecting donations for fire victims. I’ve been volunteering at a phone bank to get out the vote for the November election. What is one positive step you can take?

Whatever you choose, may the vibrant energies of autumn inspire you to discover new possibilities as you release the past to embrace this new season in your life.
For releasing stress. This book offers valuable strategies for stress relief and gaining greater peace of mind. Van Deusen, M. (2019). Stressed in the US: 12 tools to tackle anxiety, loneliness, tech addition, and more. Los Angeles, CA: Story Merchant Books.

For releasing clutter and unproductive habits. This book offers strategies for detaching from unproductive habits, clutter, and distractions to clear the way for greater meaning in your life. Dreher, D. (2008). Your personal renaissance. Cambridge, MA: Da Capo.
For dealing with depression. This book offers a mindfulness-based approach to dealing with depression. Williams, M., Teasdale, J., Segal, Z., & Kabat-Zinn, J. (2007). The mindful way through depression: Freeing yourself from chronic unhappiness. New York, NY: The Guilford Press.

For dealing with painful parts of yourself. This book offers new strategies for dealing with parts of yourself that were wounded in the past. Schwartz, R. C.(2008). You are the one you’ve been waiting for. Oak Park, IL: Trailheads Publications.

For releasing chronic anxiety. This book offers valuable insights and HeartMath’s research-grounded techniques for overcoming chronic anxiety. Childre, D., & Rozman, D. (2006). Transforming anxiety: The HeartMath solution for overcoming fear and worry and creating serenity. Oakland,CA: New Harbinger.
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