Diane Keaton
(photo by: Jesse Stone)
Maggie Q
June 17, 2019

For Immediate Release

JUNE 17, 2019 – Laguna Beach, CA – Renowned actors and animal activists, Diane Keaton and Maggie Q, have joined the board of directors for Social Compassion in Legislation (SCIL), a leading political animal advocacy group creating and changing laws to support animal rights, protection, and welfare.
Keaton, whose acting career includes an Academy Award for Annie Hall and a Golden Globe for Something’s Gotta Give , has been deeply involved in animal rescue for many years. Maggie Q, who has starred in films including the Divergent trilogy and Mission: Impossible III as well as TV’s Designated Survivor and Nikita , has been an animal rights activist, working on anti-fur campaigns and raising awareness of industries that use and abuse animals.
“People need to stand up for animals who cannot stand up for themselves,” said Diane Keaton, a legendary movie icon, producer, director and actor who has received four Academy Award nominations. “Social Compassion in Legislation does the real work of pushing for change at the local, state and federal level, and I’m proud to be working with them on behalf of animals great and small.”
Since 2007, Social Compassion in Legislation has sponsored groundbreaking bills to save and protect animals. This year alone, the Southern California-based organization has introduced a slate of bills that are winding their way through the California Legislature regarding topics ranging from outlawing the use of animals in circuses and banning fur trapping, to incentivizing plant-based lunch options for K-12 students and mandating microchipping for dogs and cats leaving animal shelters. 
Past legislative successes have made it illegal to leave an animal in any unattended vehicle in extreme weather, banned puppy mills and other commercially bred cats and rabbits from pet stores, and prohibited sales of cosmetics and personal hygiene products in California that have been tested on animals. These bills are being replicated in states across the country.
"We must take a multifaceted approach in the fight to save and protect those who cannot protect themselves” said  Maggie Q, an actress, model, and animal activist known for her work in both television and film . "Having worked with organizations in the field, I understand how invaluable the lever of government can be to those hands-on efforts. Social Compassion in Legislation transforms the public's passion and turns it into life-saving laws; tools needed by those on the ground. I'm proud to join the SCIL team and look forward to our continued work in Sacramento."
"High profile entertainment industry actors have a unique opportunity to use their voice to influence millions of people. The fact that these two compassionate superstars are joining our group to raise their voices further on behalf of animals will certainly enhance efforts both on the ground and in the halls of the Capitol," said Judie Mancuso, Founder and CEO of Social Compassion in Legislation . "I’m looking forward to working alongside Diane and Maggie to continue and grow support to save even more animals from suffering and save lives. We’re eager to see where we can go next.”
In addition to pushing the group’s legislative platform, SCIL is also working with the Governor’s Administration, legislators, Santa Anita Park, PETA and several other animal rights groups and stakeholders, to create meaningful change within the horseracing industry, an issue that has been raised this year due to the 29 thoroughbreds’ deaths at Santa Anita since Dec. 26.
“Our mission is very clear. We must do everything we can, in strategic, smart and bold ways, to make the greatest, most meaningful changes in laws and regulations,” said Mancuso. “From eliminating puppy mills to calling out industries that torture animals, our relentless fight for protections on behalf of animals is only strengthened with warriors like Diane Keaton and Maggie Q by our side. We are excited and grateful to have them on our Board.”
Please, Please, Please...


SCIL has 8 sponsored bills making their way through the second house, on their way to the Governor's desk to become law. We need support letters!

We have a  New Form on our Website  that will enable you to pick and choose, or select all our bills to support with a few easy clicks. This way, we do not have to email you every time for your support letters.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a group, local government, or organization, we still need your support letter on your letterhead and sent to: info@socialcompassion.org. 

Thank you so much for making calls and signing up for our support letters. In order to get legislation successfully passed requires many components:

  • Daily animal advocacy work on the ground in Sacramento.
  • Making sure we all vote for animal-friendly legislators.
  • Your grassroots support when we call you to action.
  • Public Relations, Social Media, and other Web presence.
  • Donations to keep it all going. This work is extremely expensive.

Together we are changing the world in animal welfare, protection, and rights. Please make a donation today to help us keep going. We are only half way through the legislative process for 2019.

Gratefully yours, Judie

Judie Mancuso
Social Compassion in Legislation
Social Compassion in Legislation