Notice to Users, Distributors and Sellers

In light of the United States Court of Appeals for the  Ninth Circuit decision (PDF)  on June 3, 2020, which effectively canceled the registrations of: Xtendimax with Vaporgrip Technology, EPA Reg. No. 524-617; Engenia, EPA Reg. No. 7969-345; and FeXapan, EPA Reg. No. 352-913, and the provisions of  EPA’s Cancellation Order (PDF)  to implement that decision, DEC is taking the following  actions :

Registration   - The registrations of the three products will be  canceled as of July 31, 2020  in accordance with the provisions of ECL Section 33-0713.

Distribution or Sale  - Distribution or sale of existing stocks of the three products shall be limited as follows:
  • Distribution or sale by registrants is prohibited immediately, except for distribution for the purposes of proper disposal.
  • Distribution or sale of products that are already in the possession of someone other than the registrant is permitted only for disposal or to facilitate return to the registrant or a registered establishment.
  • Distribution or sale by commercial applicators is permitted to facilitate use no later than July 31, 2020.

Use  - All use, including storage of opened containers, is prohibited after July 31, 2020.

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