Bright Futures
Will Teach You More...
"If I wasn’t in Bright Futures, I would have no idea about scholarships, grants, or even FAFSA. They show you what is available, then they help YOU work to earn it.”

Melissa Cruz, a Bright Futures student in her third year at Utah Valley University, had a bumpy path as she worked to finish high school, and she'll the first to tell you that she was the only one who could fix it!

Click below to learn the moment her abrupt awakening hit, and the tremendous strides she continues to take as she forges ahead – with resilience and grit – to success!
We Are Grateful...
It's only fitting that in this month of November we have a long list of things for which we are grateful...

Our community of teachers, our community that votes its heart out, and our community that swells with support on Park City's biggest single day of giving.

Thank you Park City! Your fortitude, your civic engagement, and your philanthropy are second to none!
🍎❤️ Educator Gratitude ❤️🍎

As the pandemic marches through its second year, our teachers continue to battle challenges.

And our brave, fierce educators show up, every single day, to ensure our students are inspired to reach their full potential.

As we count all the ways we are thankful this month, let's keep PCSD educators at the top of the list!

We are thrilled to be able to send The Lucky Ones Coffee Camper to each school again as a small gesture of gratitude.

Parents, PCEF also invites you to share your gratitude with our educators this month! A brief email, note, or token of thanks will mean so much to the wonderful people who work to keep students educated, safe, and healthy each day.

The depth of appreciation we have for our educators could never be fully expressed, but PCEF is proud to be able to provide them with a snack and a warm beverage as we continue to thank them for their steadfast commitment to our students and community.
🗳️ Thank You, Voters 🗳️

You Have Improved the
Future of our Students and
Education in Park City
On behalf of the Park City Education Foundation:
a heartfelt thank you to
Park City School District voters!

Thanks to your resounding school bond approval, many improvements will be made, on every single school campus, over the next few years.

Space for preschool (a key PCEF initiative, with PCEF donors providing seed funding and tuition support since 2010!) will be expanded at each elementary school, and your vote means the following projects are now also slated to come to fruition:
✅ Enlarge PCHS to a full 4-year high school
  • Move grade 9 into PCHS 
  • Enhance CTE (Career & Technical Education)

✅ Enlarge Ecker to 6, 7, 8 grades

Decommission TMJH building

✅ Enlarge all elementary schools
  • Ease overcrowding
  • Enable/meet demand for universal Pre-K
 🙏 One Day of Giving  🙏
Thousands of Lives Impacted!

Thank you, donors! You gave more than $250,000 to PCEF's projects during Live PC Give PC.

These funds will be put to work helping our students and educators. Thank you for changing the equation in Park City! 
Park City's Best Fundraiser:
🏃‍♀️ Running with Ed 🏃‍♂️
Thanks to Your Votes!
Once again, Park City has voted Running with Ed its favorite fundraiser in the Park Record "Park City's Best" edition.

Last year's record-breaking event raised critical funds for teachers, students, and schools.

Mark your calendars:
Running with Ed 2022 will take place on May 21, 2022!
Feeling inspired?

Please help us change the equation for every student by

Join your neighbors in our Scholar Circle.
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Be sure to check out the PCEF website for information, resources, and stories about the students and teachers you inspire and the programs you provide.

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