Volume X | March 2019

Did you know...

MARCH is National Social Work Month!

In March, we celebrate the fact that every day, more than 682,000
social workers and case managers across the nation act as advocates, champions and leaders who make our society a better place to live.
Here's what St. Ambrose Social Workers and Case Managers had to say...
Anita Alexander, Homesharing Case Manager
“ My goal is to help my clients achieve a lifestyle of resiliency.”

Darrell Wallace, LPC Rental Services Case Manager
“If I can help just one family every day, I am fulfilling my mission.
We can’t change the world on our own. But together, we can.”

Gail MacInnes, LMSW HUBS Case Manager
(Housing Upgrades to Benefit Seniors)
“I chose social work as a profession because I love helping people,
building community connections and advocating for social justice.”

Mary Ann Dixon, Rental Services Case Manager
“The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing the happiness on my client's faces when they are placed in permanent housing.”

Maureen Walker, MSW Homesharing Case Manager
“What drew me to the social work profession was the mission of enhancing the well-being of all people through service, social justice, dignity and integrity.”

Tanika Wilson, Homesharing Case Manager
“Making a difference, by giving clients a new opportunity, and essential tools they need to be successful, is why being a case manager is fulfilling for me.”
Ms. J.'s Story

Ms. J. may be 22 years old, but her life experiences quickly gave her the tools necessary to survive life on the streets
as a young mother in Baltimore.
Until she found St. Ambrose...

To read Ms. J.'s full story,
visit St. Ambrose's blog at:
Ms. J. and Leah Mason-Grant
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