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Youth Emergency Services assists youth experiencing homelessness and near homelessness by providing
critically-needed resources which support them in
their desire to be self-sufficient.
Omaha is a Transportation Hub for Human Trafficking

Did you know someone is human trafficked or enslaved every 30 seconds in the United States -- and Omaha is no exception?

Human Trafficking Initiative researchers through Creighton University found that by looking through ads on a now-defunct classified advertisements website that about 900 individuals are sold for sex, often multiple times, online in Nebraska each month.

It’s estimated that about 75 percent of those individuals are likely victims of human (sex) trafficking. Research also shows that one in every five individuals sold for sex in Nebraska is sold in multiple markets statewide.

As a city in the heart of the United States and on a major interstate -- not to mention big events that come to town each year like the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting and College World Series -- Omaha is a prime location for trafficking. Click here to learn more about this topic and Omaha's role.

To raise awareness and help prevent human
trafficking, YES is joining the world in
recognizing January as National Slavery
and Human Trafficking Month.

YES and the Women's Center for Advancement (WCA) collaborate on Indigo, a program which provides survivors of human trafficking access to low-barrier civil and criminal legal services, clinical advocacy, case management services, and medical and mental health care. 

Learn more about #wearblueday at www.dhs.gov/blue-campaign.

For more information about human slavery and trafficking in Nebraska, visit www.humantraffickinghotline.org/state/nebraska
YES Experiences Amazing Community Support During 2021 Giving Season

Despite spiking inflation and the continued impact of COVID, the Omaha community -- businesses, churches and individuals -- showed TREMENDOUS support for YES during the recent Giving Season*!

Starting weeks before Giving Tuesday, Nov. 30, we welcomed a fantastic outpouring of giving in the form of financial gifts, donated items (coats, gloves, hats, etc.) and bus passes and gift cards.

All were used to give our young people a Happy Holiday as well as provisions for the winter.

Thank you to EVERYONE for your AMAZING Generosity this Season as well as Year Round!

We are #sograteful!

*Groups/individuals pictured above are a few examples of those who gave.
Cold Weather Brings Need for Warm Meals

Because of you, homeless youth in our community DON'T GO HUNGRY -- and we are SO GRATEFUL!

However, as we head into coldest of the winter months, it's clear that WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Never is it more important to have a WARM MEAL!

Meals can be catered or frozen and should be large enough to feed 10-15 youth. Further details can be found on our Meals Donation Page*. Please contact Maren with any questions.

Thank you for signing up today so our youth don't go hungry!

*Your donations are tax deductible.
Getting to Know...
LaDawna Doolittle

LaDawna joined the YES family this summer as the Executive Assistant to Executive Director Mary Fraser Meints.

She's the first person to say Hello! to visitors, staff and anyone who visits our administrative office. She accepts deliveries, performs office duties and takes great photos -- always with an infectious smile!

Take a few moments to learn about LaDawna in this short Q&A!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be, and what would you do with it? 

Time travel, so I could see Queen (with Freddie Mercury) in concert and spend more time with loved ones I have lost.  

What brought you to YES?

I started in June. I was working at a law office, and I decided to make a change. I had heard about all the great things YES has done for the community from Teammates, so I decided to apply.  

Did you have any previous connection to the organization before you arrived?

My daughter had a friend in the foster care program. She had lived with us for a year so she could attend Council Bluffs schools. After graduation, she aged out of the foster care program. YES helped her with an apartment and a job. She is now living on her own and thriving.  

Tell us about the work that you do.  

I work at the Administrative office. I answer the phones and greet visitors. I handle all the mail and log in the checks and other donations. 

What do you enjoy most about working at YES? 

YES is full of amazing people who do great things for youth and the community. I am honored to be a part of that. The holiday season has been so busy with donations. I love meeting new people who are so generous to think about the youth and are inspired to help out.

What do you find most fulfilling/rewarding about your work? 
The most fulfilling part for me is seeing the youth after they have been through the program and are independent. Having a support system makes a huge difference, and it's a blessing to see them succeeding.

Tell us about your family.
We are a blended family. Between me and Will, we have 6 kids. We only have 2 high school seniors left in the house. We have 2 dogs, Cami & Diesel, and a cat named Vincent Frederick Percury (Vinnie for short). We have 4 grand kids -- 3 girls and a boy.

What do you do for fun? Hobbies? Interests?

Music is a lifeline for me. I love anything outside in the summer. I love attending concerts, swimming, boating, bonfires, biking and walking my dogs. To me, the only good thing about winter is football and holidays! I love to cook new foods so we do that a lot as a family. We like to play Song Quiz, BBQ and watch movies. The grand kids stay a lot so we watch quite a bit of Disney and Marvel movies.

When do you know your work is making an impact on the youth that we serve? 

For me, it is when I see clients come in, and they are able to go through items in the back room that they need. Seeing them loading up much-needed supplies for their new apartments is very exciting.  

If you won the lottery, what would you do first? 

Open up an animal sanctuary and save all the homeless animals.
We have some exciting EVENTS coming up. We would LOVE your support!

January 11 -- #wearblueday for National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
August 29 -- YES Golf Outing, sponsored by Union Pacific
October 13 -- Dance for a Chance 2022

For more information, please contact Barb.
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We love telling you about the great
things we do every day to change the
lives of homeless and near-homeless youth -- and here's proof!

Strictly Business Magazine Omaha (River City Six profile)
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