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Setting Goals Can Lead to 
More Revenue
Did you know setting goals can lead to more revenu e?  Revenue goals are frequently defined as sales goals.  Your sales goals should include a wider range of goals than just revenue in order
to be  most effective.  They should be connected to your business strategy  and objectives.  The following are different types of sales goals to be considered;

1. Products and Services - Set these goals when your product and services are strategic to your businesses success and growth.

2. Product Mix - Set a goal to achieve a desired product mix such as 80% of revenue from one product and 20% from another product.  

3. New Business - Many businesses concentrate on setting goals for new business.  Setting this kind of goal focuses growth.     

4. New Customers - Generating new sales from existing customers is easier than from new customers, so it is important to set specific goals on how you will get new customers.

5. Customer Satisfaction - This goal can measure your progress towards achieving your other goals. 

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