February 12, 2020
Special Notices & Reminders
For details on events, meetings and more, visit our website, SunCrestOA.com
Pet Directory & Find A Sitter
The recently updated community website has a lot of helpful features for our residents. Two recent additions will be especially useful for owners of pets and for those looking to find a sitter for their kids, pets or home. Both pages are available only to residents who register for the site and are approved by the HOA, so your information is safe.

Pet Directory
We love our cats and dogs up here in SunCrest and we enjoy seeing them out and about in the community. However, sometimes they can decide to venture out on their own without any supervision. Our Pet Directory allows residents to add their pets to a listing that will make it easier to track you down should your pets decide to go on an adventure on their own. You can simply add an image of your pet, along with the best phone number to reach you. Head over to our website to register your pets on out Pet Directory .

Find A Sitter
One of the biggest inquiries we see is regarding sitters. Whether it's for kids, pets or your home, finding someone to help out can sometime be difficult. You can now set up a profile on our website that will show other residents your preferences, availability and more. You can manage your own profile and change it as you need to depending on your schedule. It's a great way to help your neighbors out as well. Go to our website and create your Find A Sitter profile or find a sitter for your next outing.

As a quick reminder, pets must be on a leash at all times per Draper City code. This especially includes all parks and trails, unless otherwise indicated. Also, please don't forget to clean up after your pets so that others may be able to enjoy the open areas in a clean and safe manner.
Geneva Rock Application
Draper City is committed to an open and transparent review process where residents have an opportunity to provide meaningful input during the consideration of all applications the City receives. As with any application, Geneva Rock’s request will be reviewed first by the Draper City Development Review Committee (DRC). 
Dates for the upcoming Planning Commission and City Council meetings where Geneva's application will be considered have not yet been scheduled. We, and Draper City, will notify residents of these dates once they are confirmed. You can read more about the application at Draper City's website .
Brighton Ski Pass Lottery
We're now taking entries for the February lottery! Please email Josh ( jojohnson@ccmcnet.com ) with your name and address to be entered. The last day to enter will be February 27th!

Twelve winners will be selected for the opportunity to purchase two adult ski passes to the Brighton Ski Resort for the price of $45 each. Check out our full list of rules!
Rentals in SunCrest
A reminder that short-term rentals of any kind - Airbnb, VRBO, etc. - are not allowed in the SunCrest community, . Any rentals in the community must be longer than six (6) months at a time, per our Rules & Regulations ( Section 16 ). Additionally, single room and basement rentals are not allowed; the entire home must be rented, per our CC&Rs ( Article 4, Section 4.3 ).

Fire Hydrants
For those of you with fire hydrants located on your property, please remember that it is your responsibility to remove the snow that may build up around them. This will obviously make it much easier for the fire department to locate and utilize the hydrants in the event of a fire.

Discounts and Special Deals

Aimee Toner
Covenants & Architectural Coordinator
atoner@ccmcnet.com | 385-787-5070
Classes & Programs
Resident Julie Buck will be hosting a new Zumba class at the Clubhouse! Stop by each Tuesday night for a fun, high-energy exercise class. Find more info on the class flyer!
Kids Martial Arts Classes - Martial Arts classes are back! These classes are held each Wednesday evening at the Clubhouse. Check out their flyer for more info.
This year will feature a production of Disney's Frozen, Jr. You can check out their flyer for more information
Do you have a class or seminar you'd like to offer to the residents of SunCrest? Contact Josh or Tracy , or call the OA Office at 801-572-1233 for more info!
Board of Trustees & Committees
The SunCrest Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the processes of the community, including policies, budget and general community oversight. Additionally, the SunCrest OA has a Budget & Finance Committee, as well as a Covenants Committee. Both of these groups are comprised of SunCrest residents and serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees. To learn more about these committees, how to contact them and how you can get involved, click the links below.

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