Get to Know Twyla Bradshaw, Tax Preparer

Twyla Bradshaw, an individual tax preparer at Orcutt, celebrates 20 years with us this month.

Twyla, who specializes in ministers’ tax return preparation, says she enjoys helping clients with the entire tax planning process, among other things she enjoys in her role.

“I enjoy helping relieve clients’ anxiety they have regarding filing their tax returns. I also really enjoy when I am able to help save them a lot of money through tax planning or through tax strategy,” she explains.
Keep reading to learn something clients may be surprised to learn about her, and to see who inspires her.
What was your first job? I worked at a clothing store at the Flea Market.
What’s your favorite food? Pizza and pasta.
Can you tell us about your family? I have been married for 23 years and we have two children. Our daughter, Leyah, is 20 years old and our son, Avery, is 16.
What’s something clients might be surprised to learn about you?  I have been on multiple mission trips. I have served in Russia, Poland, Florida, Arizona, and Haiti. I took my daughter on her first mission trip when she was only two years old. I took both of my kids on one last year.
I also was a pretty accomplished musician. I went on tour with my college playing the piano and I played a concerto for my senior project. The funny part is that I haven’t played since I had my children. Now I put all of my time and effort into them instead of my music.
How do you spend time outside of work? My kids are very active in sports. I’ve spent a lot of time watching their games (tennis, soccer, softball, and volleyball). 

When I am not doing that, I enjoy playing tennis, walking my two dogs (Piper & Bullet), boating, and hanging out by the pool.
What or who inspires you? My parents inspire me. My mom is a two-time breast cancer survivor and my dad has survived lung cancer once, and he is currently battling it again. They have been married almost 50 years which is a standard that I hope to live up to.
Who is someone you look up to? My dad. He is the most Christ-like person that I know. He decided several years ago to practice instant forgiveness. Through his efforts, I can see why Christ calls us to forgive one another. It is not for the other person—it is for us. It is amazing to see how little he is affected by things that he cannot control because he freely loves other people.
What’s your favorite vacation destination?  I love the beach! I love clear water so that I can snorkel. I also love the waves!
What’s a book you’d recommend?   More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell; this book really made me own my own relationship with God.
Tax Implications of Selling Your Home

Selling your home?

Did you own and live in the home for two of the last five years?

If the answer is yes, there are some tax benefits if you make a profit on the sale. If you fit the criteria described, you’ll be able to exclude up to $500,000 of the gain from your income if you file a joint tax return, in most cases. You can exclude up to $250,000 from your income if you are single, in most cases.

Keep good records (including capital improvements made to your home, which you can subtract from the selling price) and be sure to contact us for specifics on your home and location.

Have questions? Give us a call today: (513) 576-1989.
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