A Note from Scott and Marsha
October 10, 2019
Do you feel that?? That's right. Fall "finally" decided to get its act together. It showed up after a week of sweating just in time for our Fall Fun Day at the Garden Center. We nearly died five times last week to heat strokes and well, for me, outright bitterness. I told our team, "If I wake up Saturday morning and the meteorologists have lied about a cold front, I will MIMOSA my way through the entire festival." I was only half kidding, and thank goodness the weather did arrive to make our day spectacular!  

If you didn't come, you really did miss all the fun. I can't even begin to describe what fun it was but I will try. First of all, many showed up with the ABSOLUTE sweetest dogs and puppies. We had tons of furry friends giving out free kisses and that is always the best. Many showed up with some of the most ADORABLE kids dressed from flannels to pumpkin pants. We had kids painting pumpkins. We had lion, puppy and butterfly faces galore-- all beautifully painted by the face painter. The live music was amazing. The entire vibe for the day was spot on. The food trucks were slammed and the bar was enjoyed by everyone. Sparks were flying with Apex Knife Sharpening, Garden Bed orders were taken and it was just a gorgeous day all around. I won't say I ordered 2 specialty lattes and a cake pop either from Buzzy Bakes because that would simply be bragging at this point.  

The best part was watching all the mums and pumpkins rolling out to your homes. We can only imagine how beautiful your porches are. While Lynn is still scratching paint out from under her fingernails, the rest of us are scrambling and re-ordering more for THIS WEEK'S FALL FUN DAY AGAIN! If you couldn't make it this past weekend, we are giving you a second chance. If you don't make this one either, we will try to forgive you and you can come during the week for the leftovers. My favorite conversation was when I asked a friend, "Do you need mums to go with your pumpkins?" And she said, "No girl. I'm buying the pumpkins this week and waiting till next weekend for the mums just so I can come back next Saturday." Lynda, I love you for saying that.  

We're having bluegrass music this weekend and we are looking for all the "bigs" and "littles" to bring their dancing shoes with them. We are so excited to celebrate the season all over again with you so come on over! We can send home all our orange, yellow, red and green home with you! PS - I think the dogs and the kids should come in their Halloween costumes because seriously, we spend all this money on costumes and they wear it like once? For real. 
Judy's pick this week is the Neanthe Bella Palm. While the guy in this pic is rather large, we also carry the Bella Palm in 4-inch pots as well. These lovelies most enjoy bright, indirect light, but can also handle medium light pretty well. Water well when you water, but allow them to dry out between waterings. As your palm grows, it may need water more often. It is a good idea to mist your Bella Palm frequently, as they like humidity.
It may not be cuddly and furry, but the Teddy Bear Magnolia is adorable. The foliage is very compact, and the tree still boasts the beautiful, large, fragrant white blossoms that you love about a Southern Magnolia. The Teddy Bear can grow to be 20' tall and 12' wide, which means it is smaller than other magnolia varieties. Although you could plant this tree any time of the year, the fall is an especially good time for planting.
If you have a shaded area in your landscape that needs a shrub, this Mikuniko Camellia may be the perfect choice. The dark green foliage accented by beautiful dark pink and yellow flowers that bloom in the fall is simply gorgeous. We have Camellia varieties that bloom in the winter and early spring as well. One of our favorites is the Shishigashira. The pink double-blooms are amazing. For winter blooms that delight, Camellias are it.
A ctivity Hours 10AM-3PM

Join us as we welcome fall AGAIN! The Garden Center is fully stocked with pumpkins, mums, pansies, shrubs, trees, and perennials. The bar will be open with wine, hard cider, mimosas, and spiced mead. We'll have LIVE MUSIC, games , pumpkin painting , face painting , food trucks and more! Check out specifics and vendor details on our Events Page !
THIS Saturday, October 12, 2019 
10AM – 11AM
Create a colorful fall container garden that will show off all season. Learn simple techniques and unleash your creativity! Fee includes all supplies to build a 12” container garden.  Fee $35   REGISTER here
Presenter: Debbi Barrett, For Garden’s Sake

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 
6PM - 8PM
Join us as Rachel Latson with La Botella will be here to teach you how to make your own homemade candles.  Choose from a variety of scents and make your own 12oz soy candle. Labels will be included as well. We will have light snacks, and wine or cider will be available to purchase. Limited space available, so don't wait to register! Fee: $35 REGISTER here .
Our  blog   is updated weekly with posts to educate and help you bring green home. Fall is the perfect time for planting trees and shrubs. We have so many beautiful ones to choose from. If you need planting tips , read this post . October is here and so is your October Lawn and Garden To Do List .
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