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In Case You Did Miss It - Calls are Needed Today

Greetings Patriots,

The Tele Townhall went well last night. We were joined by 2 of the 4 Congressmen running for Energy and Commerce Committee Chair and 2 of the 3 running for Appropriations Committee Chair.

We were also joined briefly by the 2 people running for RSC Chair. They were in the middle of a meeting and needed to get back to the meeting. We are going to host another Tele Townhall to ask them questions and get more feedback from them.

Today most, if not all, the people running for Appropriations Committee Chairman and Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman will interview before the Steering Committee. It is very important that you call today to make your voices heard to the Steering Committee about who you want to see chair these very important committees. The Steering Committee names and phone numbers are listed below. For more details about the committees and candidates, please go to to read about each candidate.

As information, on the Tele Townhall last night, we polled those who participated and found they supported the candidates for committee chair. The results are as follows:

Energy and Commerce Chairman

Congressman Joe Barton 53%
Congressman John Shimkus 10%
Congressman Cliff Stearns 34%
Congressman Fred Upton 3%

Appropriations Committee Chairman

Congressman Jack Kingston 85%

Congressman Jerry Lewis 15%

Congressman Harold Rodgers 5%

Tomorrow night, we will host another tele town hall to discuss the Republican Study Committee Chairmen candidates. If you already signed up for the tele town hall, you will automatically be called around 7:00 pm eastern time.

Steering Committee Names and Phone Numbers
Make sure to do your own research on top of this information if you are interested in learning more. We need to make our voices heard on this matter. The contact information for the members on the steering committee is listed below. As always, be polite when expressing your views, but be firm in your insistence that the American people have a right to help determine the leadership of Congressional committees.

John Boehner, Speaker


Eric Cantor, Republican Leader


Kevin McCarthy, Republican Whip


Jeb Hensarling, Republican Conference Chair


Tom Price, Policy Chair


Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, Conference Vice-Chair


John Carter, Conference Secretary


Pete Sessions, NRCC Chairman


Greg Walden, Leadership Chairman


Tom Cole, NRCC Chairman (last Congress)


Lamar Smith, Texas Representative


Ken Calvert California Representative 202-225-1986

Jeff Miller, Florida Representative


Doc Hastings, Region I Representative


Tom Latham, Region II Representative


John Shimkus, Region III Representative


Mike Rogers, Region IV Representative


Bill Shuster, Region V Representative


Steve LaTourette, Region VI Representative


Hal Rogers , Region VII Representative


Lynn Westmoreland, Region VIII Representative


Bob Goodlatte, Region IX Representative


Cynthia Lummis, Small State Representative


Gregg Harper, 111th Class Representative

202-225 5031

Todd Rokita, 112th Class Representative


Joe Heck , 112th Class Representative


Pat Meehan, 112th Class Representative


Your Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team,
Debbie Dooley, Jenny Beth Martin, Mark Meckler, Sally Oljar, Diana Reimer, and Dawn Wildman

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