January 2023 Voice & IT News
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Office Sound Masking Protects Your Privacy and Reduces Distractions
CTS experts design, deploy, and support customized Sound Masking solutions for office workspaces. Our industry-leading technology uses ambient background noise that is engineered to make human speech less intelligible and makes your environment seem quieter.

The Benefits of Less Noise in Your Office…

  • Fewer conversational distractions improve performance and productivity.

  • Masking supports more privacy and confidentiality.

  • Addressing disruptive acoustics reduces your employees' stress levels and fatigue.

Our experienced Sound Masking team ensures your project will be completed on schedule and within budget.

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A New Year with Better Communications! Take Advantage of Mitel + RingCentral’s MVP Service
Bring Your Teams and Customers Together on the #1 Business Communications Platform

It’s been over a year since Mitel announced its partnership with RingCentral. New CTS customers and many of our existing MiCloud Connect customers have been migrating to RingCentral’s popular MVP (Message, Video, Phone) service. MVP is in demand for good reason…

With integrated instant messaging, video conferencing, and cloud PBX, RingCentral MVP offers:

  • Enterprise-grade security with a 99.999% uptime SLA

  • 250+ out-of-the-box integrations with business apps and open APIs

  • Simple and centralized web-based user and system administration

  • Advanced analytics and insights

  • Access from anywhere on your device of choice—desktop, tablet, or mobile


  • Message colleagues and clients from your PC or mobile device. 

  • Set a custom status to indicate your availability.

  • Create teams around projects, specific topics, and departments.

  • Assign tasks to individuals or project teams.

  • Share links and files with no size or storage limits.


  • Join meetings easily—no downloads or plugins needed.

  • Enjoy HD audio and video, and screen share with up to 200 participants.

  • Easily schedule meetings with calendar integrations with Office 365 and Google Calendar.

  • Switch a live meeting between devices with one click.

  • Get in-meeting chat, virtual backgrounds, closed captioning, cloud recordings, and background noise reduction technology for a great participant experience.


  • Use one business phone number for calling, business SMS, MMS, and fax, so your personal number stays private.

  • Customize settings such as business hours and greetings, and route incoming calls to specific departments with a multi-level auto attendant.

  • Manage active calls efficiently with advanced call controls to transfer, record, flip, or park the call.

  • Flip live calls between your desktop and cell or switch to video in 1- click.


  • Bring advanced communications functions into the productivity apps you use every day like Microsoft and Google.

  • Automate your sales cycle and enhance delivery and customer support with integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, and ServiceNow.

  • Back up your communications data to your preferred cloud storage provider like Smarsh, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

  • Build custom integrations with open APIs.


  • Review actionable insights for IT and system administrators to facilitate diagnosis and troubleshooting.

  • Get monitoring and reporting KPIs for line-of-business managers.

  • Access usage data to drive adoption and maximize return on investment.

Ready to boost your business? Contact our cloud experts today at 800.787.4848 or
Make the Most of Microsoft Teams + Mitel 
Mitel Delivers New Tools for Teams

Mitel recently announced a series of new tools and applications that seamlessly integrate Mitel’s enterprise-class telephony features with the MS Teams platform.

  • Integrate your telephony system with Teams through Mitel’s Telephony-only client available in MiCollab and enjoy all the robust telephony features that Mitel offers. 

  • Mitel Assistant is available for free on the Microsoft app store and delivers Mitel softphone capabilities to Teams users’ desktops as a floating app. Mitel Assistant allows you to make and transfer calls, search directories, set speed dials, import contacts, activate 3-way conferencing, and more from your Teams screen.

  • Mitel also offers presence integration between Teams and Mitel telephony users, allowing Teams users to see whether a colleague is on a PBX-based phone call – even if that colleague doesn’t have a Teams client. 

Making Teams More of a Team Player
Microsoft Teams is great for many things, from video meetings to sharing documents. But many businesses still need high-quality telephony applications to run their business.

  • Schools and universities, for example, rely on mass notification via mobile devices to protect students, staff, and parents during emergencies. 

  • Financial services companies must maintain inbound contact centers supporting call recording and other advanced telephony features. 

  • Retail businesses need to connect workers on the sales floor to customer service applications via telephone to help customers in real-time.

Let’s look at two industries to see how Mitel plus Microsoft Teams can help businesses run better.

  • Healthcare - Consider a network of healthcare facilities. They use Teams for video collaboration between facilities, but what about emergencies where a doctor or nurse needs to respond when they’re not near a laptop? Telephony services can provide the critical link to life-saving answers in seconds. 

  • Hospitality - Hotels may use Teams for internal meetings or drive customer engagement, but telephones still play a critical role in their daily life. Guests rely on in-suite phone services to contact staff and receive messages. Cleaning staff can use those same phones to indicate when a room is clean and available for guests. 

CTS and Mitel can help your organization improve teamwork in a hybrid world. Contact our Mitel + Teams experts today at 800.787.4848 or
Busy Signals = Lost Opportunities… Don’t Miss Another Call!
With CTS-powered Beacon Cloud Voice, busy retailers and offices can have calls roll over to virtual call paths, voice mail, and other backup numbers – even a mobile phone – so your customers never get a busy signal.

Beacon Cloud Voice makes call management easy… Here are some of the many available call management features that will eliminate busy signals:

  • No Answer Call Forwarding - Automatically have calls forwarded to an extension, group, or phone number when you do not answer your phone.

  • Busy Call Forwarding - Automatically forward calls to an extension, group, or phone number when your phone is busy.

  • Voicemail - Associate a voicemail box with an extension or use an announce-only voicemail box to provide users with a pre-recorded message when they choose an option on an auto attendant or extension.

  • Ring Groups - Enable multiple extensions to be joined as a group, so calls may be routed sequentially or simultaneously to that group.

  • Auto Attendant Answering - Set up a telephone number to dial directly to an Auto Attendant. Callers are then presented with a predefined menu of options.

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Did You Set it & Forget it? Call CTS before your next Contract Auto-Renewal
Whether it’s a Broadband contract, a UCaaS contract, or a Service plan renewal on a phone system, it’s important to be aware of their upcoming renewal dates.

If you don’t track your contracts’ anniversary dates, they could auto-renew without you being aware of it. You don’t want to miss a valuable opportunity to negotiate better deals or seek alternative service providers.

When you work with CTS our team will be your advocate when it comes to uncovering the best service arrangements and deals.

You can count on CTS for…

  • Ongoing consultation to keep your technology in line with your business goals.

  • More savings and faster ROI through optimized services, negotiated price reductions, and/or quantity discounts.

  • Speedier negotiations and contract execution. No more wasted time comparing apples-to-oranges, trying to deal with one-size-fits-all solutions, or getting locked out of better alternatives.

When it comes to getting better deals on your technology services, CTS has you covered. Contact us today at 800.787.4848 or
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