We proposed the SmartLink Wireless Landscape Network Weather Based Irrigation Control  on most properties as a part of their 2020 Landscape Budget and promoted it throughout the fall for installation this winter.  We had asked for approval prior to the end of 2019 and had significant response, but several clients said that they were interested however they didn't have approved budgets.  Recently, we have received new approvals and despite having a deadline of approval of 12/31/19, we are opening up again the opportunity to assist those who have had budget approval after 12/31.   This is another opportunity for you to approve and get this huge water savings technology on your property.

We need to get these installations done before the beginning of the irrigation activation season as our irrigation technicians will become too busy to complete installations as we get closer to spring. Please approve by 1/31 or we will have to postpone your installation until next fall.

As we have previously promoted, Pacific Landscape Management has become a Weathermatic Premiere Partner, allowing us to offer their SmartLink Wireless Landscape Network Weather Based Irrigation Control  as a subscription, saving our customers the previously required capital expenditure. For a small increase in the monthly fee, you will avoid the capital installation cost.

See this new video with a brief outline of this new technology: 

Also, see  informational flier here as well: 

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