On Sunday,  Marvin Scott of WPIX Channel 11 News, interviewed Sally Frishberg, Holocaust survivor, and Bill Tingling, reflecting on the Holocaust Remembrance Day, where more than 11 million people were murdered including 6 million Jews. 

Please press the play button below and feel free to speed forward it to 14:25 where you'll see the interview.

Remembering the lives lost in the Holocaust is an act of resistance against the Nazis' attempts to dehumanize and destroy human lives. The full horror of genocide is in its ambition not only to murder individuals, families, and communities, but also to wipe out an entire people to whom they belonged - the people who could tell their story, and preserve their memories.
In their attempt to obliterate human life, the Nazis sought to change the future. There would be no Jews to remember the Jewish people who  were exterminated ; there would be no Jewish perspective on Jewish history, no Jewish insistence that each life is important and should  be mourned .
Even today, two-thirds of the hate crimes committed in the United States target Jews. Throughout much of the world, and in the Middle East, Holocaust denial is rampant and despicable libels are regularly spread.

What is the answer to all this you ask? EDUCATION.
Dr. Martin Luther King said that "our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." So, what are we doing about it?

Our newest initiative, the "Tour for Tolerance", the first of its kind in the United States, is a mobile interactive exhibit within a large retrofitted bus. It will employ advanced technology, similar to Disney's Epcot Center, and bring tolerance curriculum into schools and academic institutions. One bus can reach and empower 50,000 students and adults annually.  We must ensure that the next generation is educated about the moments when humanity has failed, allowing racism to prevail.
Our project will equip both students and adults with the tools needed to fight those who still believe in such evil.
Soon you will receive additional information about this worthy project.
Please join us.

Respectfully yours,
Bill Tingling
School News Nationwide, Inc.
(Words of Bonds  Holocaust Project)
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S chool N ews N ationwide (SNN) is a 23-year-old 501 ( C ) 3 not-for-profit organization, based in New York City, founded to help youth from low-income communities develop the academic and personal skills to succeed in school and life.  During the past fifteen years, SNN's Words of Bonds Project has connected Holocaust survivors with Jewish, African-American and other metro-area youth to convey the commonality of their historical experiences and their shared values of resilience, tolerance, and dignity.  SNN's new Tour for Universal Tolerance Project adds depth and reach to Words of Bonds by creating a Children's Mobile Humanity Museum to inspire and empower humanitarian behaviors among middle through high school age students everywhere. Bill Tingling, a humanist noted for his compelling vision and unique record of service, is SNN's founder and leader.

Bill Tingling
President & CEO
School News Nationwide, Inc.
(Words of Bonds Holocaust Project)
New York

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