Bill Tingling, executives from the North American Board of Rabbis (NABOR), the German Consul General, and members of the German- American Jewish cultural relation, celebrating a historic event held at the German Consulate in New York.

Kai Hennig  
Germany's Deputy Consul General & Bill

Rabbi J. Rosenbaum, his wife Amey Rosenbaum & Bill

Since 2002 Rabbi Jay, through the NABOR program, has been working on an extraordinary student exchange between New York and Berlin which has become an important part of the German-American cultural relations. Education is one of the key components in bringing people of different nationality and ethnicity together. Hence, the 
newest initiative, led by Bill Tingling, called the "Tour for Tolerance", the first of its kind in the United States, is a mobile interactive exhibit within a large retrofitted bus to be up and running in 2018. It will employ advanced technology, like Disney's Epcot Center, bringing tolerance curriculum into schools and academic institutions.
The bus, hosted by Holocaust survivors and educators, will be able to reach and empower 50,000 students and adults annually.  We must ensure that the next generation is educated about the moments when humanity has failed, allowing racism to prevail.
Our project will equip both students and adults with the tools needed to fight those who still believe in such evil.
Soon you will receive additional information about this worthy project.
Please join us.

School News Nationwide, Inc.
(Tour for Tolerance, p roject)
490 East 28thStreet
Brooklyn, New York 11226
School News Nationwide (SNN) is a 23-year-old 501 ( C ) 3 not-for-profit organization, based in New York. During the past fifteen years, SNN's Words of Bonds project has connected Holocaust survivors, with Jewish, African-American and other metro-area youth to convey the commonality of their historical experiences and their shared values of resilience, tolerance, and dignity.  SNN's new "Tour for Tolerance" project, adds depth and reach to inspire and empower humanitarian behaviors among middle through high school age students everywhere. Bill Tingling, a humanist noted for his compelling vision and unique record of service, is SNN's founder and leader.

Bill Tingling
President & CEO
School News Nationwide, Inc.
(Words of Bonds Holocaust Project)
New York

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