Searching the Reliquary of the Hagia Sophia

As part of our research on the provenance of the lance, we looked at its possible location - at some time in history - in the Hagia Sophia. We found written documents that the relics of the True Cross were there, but did not find evidence of the lance's appearance.

Where else did we find evidence of the Christian relic alleged to have pierced the side of Christ?

Click on the headline link to read the several references to the holy relic in the First Councils of Nicaea. 

In the second Council of Nicaea we found references of how relics are to be handled. 

We also learned that there are three classes of relics. The Holy Lance is considered a first-class relic. A handkerchief, like the one pictured here, would be a third-class relic. 

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In this research (click on the headline link), we found an important connection between Alfonso and Conrad III who battled and travelled together. Did the poisoned Alfonso leave holy relics with the Knights Templar for safekeeping? Did he create third-class relics to ensure his good fortune, hence the many copies of the lance that we find in history?

We also meet other holders of the Holy Lance - Raymond of Toulouse, Alfonso-Jordon, and Princes of Elvira of Castile.
Our researchers indicate that most likely Alfonso, realizing he was poisoned, may have hastily bequeathed the Holy Lance to someone trusted near his side, like Conrad III, another crusading general.

Could Conrad III's temporary stewardship of the Holy Lance from mid-April 1148 until a time when he passed through Vienna when he deposited it at the Knights Templar (most likely to be retrieved by his heir) be the source of the Germanic Holy Lance legends?

Keep in mind, at this point in our discovery, we are only at the stage of gathering evidence of several lances throughout history. If it seems confusing, just let the information "wash over" you. As our journey continues, you can always come back and reference these pages where the places and people will have a deeper meaning. Soon we will be providing you with an extensive timeline of the lance's journey through time and space. 

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Fast forward to March 2, 2017 where Cicada 3301 puzzlers are attempting to unlock the keys that will eventually lead them to discovering the path to their ultimate goal. What did he say about Odin? 

Solving The Cicada 3301 2017 Puzzle | PART 1 | The Internet's Most Complex Puzzle
Solving The Cicada 3301 2017 Puzzle | PART 1 | The Internet's Most Complex Puzzle

Learn more about  Odin and Frigg here

We have chosen the image of the Norse god Odin and his wife Frigg as a symbol of the way that citizen-intelligence research is conducted by the Anonymous Patriots  and the Conclave members.

Odin, the "All Father" the god of battle-healing-poetry, sits on his throne in Asgard next to his wife Frigg, the goddess of wisdom and foresight. A most wondrous thing transpires on the throne each day as Odin and Frigg look out from their kingdom Asgard onto the kingdom of humans - Midgard - as they make wagers about the outcomes of human endeavors. This back and forth female/male dynamic creates a loving past-time for the heavenly Father and Mother of humanity. Each side has a perspective that is different than the other.

Odin has two ravens who attend his throne and fly out to the east and west each morning to listen to all that is said and watch all that is done in Midgard, returning to Asgard at twilight to whisper into Odin's ears all the news (intelligence) they have gathered. Odin traveled to one of the roots of the Great Tree Yggdrasil and there drank from the Well of Mimir which endowed him with great wisdom. In order to see all wisdom from that time forward, he had to sacrifice his left eye and drop it into the well.

Frigg is the goddess of wisdom and also foresight. She knows the wisdom of the past and has insight into the future. Frigg travels to a different root of the World Tree to the Well of Urd (Fate), to speak with the Three Sisters of Destiny, the Norns, who weave the threads that rule the past, the present, and the future. 

Once Frigg drinks from the Well of Urd, she can see the wisdom of Urd's thread of life that defines the pathway to birth, while Verdandi weaves that thread into a tapestry showing the individual lives of gods and men. Skuld's dread scissors cut the thread, ending the life of each god or man. It is from the wisdom of the Well of Urd that Frigg refreshes her news of the world each day as she lounges on her throne under the branches of the World Tree.

Odin, with the wisdom of the Well of Mimir and his ravens, tries each day to "know more" than Frigg "knows" from her daily trips to the Well of Urd. Both Odin and Frigg sit each night and make wagers on what destiny might befall the humans below them.  

Both Odin and Frigg have independent "intelligence capacities" and "intelligence networks" that come from two different directions - the Well of Mimir and the Well of Urd. When the two networks clash, the wager (bet) is on and the fate of each human becomes a game of fate.

When the two networks combine and share their information, the combined thrones of Odin and Frigg are invincible.

Follow the trail of the Holy Lance:

Secret Incarnations of St. Germain

St. Germain is a mysterious and enigmatic character whose history has been scorned and, at other times, praised with respect and wonder, making him out to be a master of some kind. Spiritual history is replete with historical anecdotes of St. Germain as a master of music, alchemy, Freemasonry, science, diplomacy, education, and dozens of other areas of human endeavor. Hundreds of people claim to have met and spoken with St. Germain over the centuries.
St. Germain stories build on the legends of Christian Rosenkreutz who was written about as a world traveler versed in the wisdom of the East and the West. And like Rosenkreutz or Leonardo de Vinci, St. Germain has a reputation for a universal ability to apply his wisdom in practical ways. 

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