Our featured photo of the week: Cardinal Cross Arts Co.
"Artists from The TEAM (Brooklyn), the National Theatre of Scotland, and central Appalachia's Cardinal Cross Arts Co. in a community jam at the week-long 2019 Crossing Roots Rural-Urban Theater Workshop" - Amy Brooks, Gap Creek Coffee House, Cumberland Gap, TN

This week-long workshop is put on by Cardinal Cross Arts Co., a rural-urban theater company. Find out more about their work and events here and subscribe to their newsletter here
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Photo from the 2016 Next Generation National Creative Placemaking Summit
Register for the 2019 Rural Generation Summit

The Rural Assembly is excited to partner with old friends to bring you the 2019 Rural Generation Summit, May 22-24 in Jackson, MS.

The Summit is designed with a national working group to uplift the people of rural Mississippi and their amazing cultural work, exchange learning with rural leaders across the nation, and redefine the state of the rural arts and culture field.
Greene County, New York. Photo by Michael Mehler
Reducing incarceration in small cities and rural communities
Vera Institute announces In Our Backyard Community Grants

The Vera Institute just released a Request for Proposals for the inaugural round of In Our Backyards Community Grants.
To initiate and sustain reform beyond the biggest cities, their team is awarding an inaugural round of grants to community-based and/or statewide organizations committed to reducing incarceration rates in small cities and rural communities.
Ruby Sales spoke with public theologian Rev. Jen Bailey at the 2018 Rural Assembly. Watch the video here .
How Fast is Rural Internet? Consumers are Asked to Fill in the Gaps.

"Three national groups combine their resources to create a new app to measure broadband speeds around the country. All they need now is you and your smart phone."
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