In case you missed the
"Gang of 8 Immigration Debate"
last Thursday evening!
 Dear Texas Patriot,  
The U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote for cloture tomorrow on the S. 744 Bill pertaining to what they are calling "immigration reform" but better known as "amnesty".
If you did not have the pleasure of hearing both sides debated in Webster, TX last Thursday evening, please take the time to listen to the videos below, decide for yourself, and share with others.
Call your Senators, and those on the fence, to let them know how you feel about their vote on this bill. Contact information is located here.
Their vote will determine the future of America. Inaction is not an option!
Immigration Debate Trailer
Immigration Reform Debate Trailer
CLTP Immigration Debate Trailer - 2013
Swearing His Alliagance to America: Robert Gonzalez Story

Swearing His Allegiance to America:

Told by Robert Gonzalez 

Against S. 744:

George H. Rodriquez - Served in the Reagan Administration, conservative columnist and President of the South Texas Alliance.


Larry Korkmas - Currently he serves as President of Texans For Immigration Reduction and Enforcement (TFIRE) and National Spokesman for Stop the Magnet.


For S. 744:

Linda Vega - Areas of expertise are in Immigration and Labor/Employment-Labor Law and founder of "Latinos Ready To Vote!"


Bob Price - Political commentator for He is a self proclaimed expert about issues related to border security and illegal immigration.

The "Gang of 8 Immigration Debate" videos, listed in order: Round 1
The "Gang of 8 Immigration Debate" videos, listed in order: Round 2
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