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Join The Lessans Family Mommy & Me for a Moms' Night Out with an amazing group of local Jewish moms to socialize, hang out and bake Challah with Rebbetzin Esther Kavka. Each month, enjoy learning new and creative ways to make Challah!

Call, text, or WhatsApp Esther at 301-448-2701 and to be added to the group.
Join the Kavka family via Zoom for the weekly Living Torah video! Every Sunday evening at 7:00 PM.
Video presentation followed by short discussion lead by Rabbi Moishe Kavka.

Call or text 301-448-2991 and we'll add you to the list.
Keep the Capital Kosher Pantry shelves stocked! Please fill a shopping bag with kosher non-perishable staples for pick-up and delivery to the Pantry by our wonderful volunteer, Larry Schecker. 
Call or text Larry 301-512-8595

One phone call reveals 'The Secret of Chabad'
by Mendy Kaminker

One day, my phone rang.

“Is this Chabad?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“My name is ___ from Monsey. A friend of mine is in Hackensack and her car won’t start.”

I have to admit: this was a first for me.