July & August 2021
As of July 5, E.J. Harrison & Sons began weekly residential curbside collection of ALL THREE bins, including trash, household recycling, and yard waste, at no additional charge. Residential customers in the City of Ventura will no longer need to alternate the weekly collections of recycling and yard waste services. 

This service upgrade is part of Harrison’s ongoing commitment to keep up with the rapidly evolving world of recycling on the road to zero waste. Thank you for your continued, valuable role as a part of that journey! For additional information, call 805-647-4141 or visit www.ejharrison.com.
Featured Video: How Does Compost Benefit Our Environment?
Environmental Program Updates
Green Business
Rebates available for Green Business Upgrades!

The California Green Business Network (CAGBN), in partnership with the California Environmental Protection
Agency, has rebates available to assist businesses with updates and upgrades that are required to become a
Certified Green Business. Up to $500 per business is available on first-come first-served basis, until the
available funds are spent.

Visit GreenBusinessCA.org or contact Lars Davenport at ldavenport@cityofventura.ca.gov
Green Schools
The Sustainable You! Summer Camp is back!

More than just a virtual camp, Sustainable You! Summer Camp is a fun, hands-on way to get your kids in touch with their own impact on the Earth. Engaging kids ages 8-12 for a few hours each day with activities, discussion, journaling, and knowledge about how their lives impact the sustainability of the Earth.

All VC youth welcome to attend this free camp, which includes an activity supply kit. Registration is required. Register here! 
Food Waste Prevention
Most people don't realize how much food they throw away every day — from uneaten leftovers to spoiled produce. The EPA estimates that in 2018, about 68 percent of the wasted food we generated—or about 42.8 million tons-- ended up in landfills or combustion facilities. That’s A LOT of food. By implementing food waste prevention strategies, you could save money, help reduce methane emissions from landfills, and conserve energy and resources.
Here are a few tips to help you Save the Food:
-Plan ahead before going to the grocery store to prevent over-buying.
-Store food properly to help extend it's shelf-life.
-Use leftovers in future meals.
-Take advantage of the freezer to put the "pause button" on foods.
Recycle Coach Tip
Many chemicals in toner and ink cartridges are hazardous and it can take hundreds of years for them to break down in the landfill because they are made of plastics and metals. Toner an ink cartridges can be refilled and used many times and can be recycled by dropping them off at designated locations. Three locations in the City of Ventura that accept empty toner and ink cartridges are: 
  • Office Depot: 4731 Telephone Rd, Ventura, CA 93003 
  • Target: 245 S Mills Rd, Ventura, CA 93003 
  • Target: 4200 E Main St, Ventura, CA 93003 

Download the Recycle Coach App and use the what-goes-where search function to learn how to dispose of items properly.
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