Edco Supply Corporation has one of the largest inventories of neutral wrap papers.

Neutral wrap papers are ph neutral paper used to wrap products. MIL-DTL-17667 Type I and Type II are intended for use as an initial wrap on items requiring a noncorrosive, dust protective wrap applied prior to, or as a part of unit packaging, where a greaseproof wrap is not required.

MIL-P-130 Type I and Type II are heavier creped neutral papers that are used as an initial wrap, providing a cushioning effect that helps protect the item as well as the bag from the item’s projections and sharp edges. It is also used to restrict its movement within a bag.

All neutral wrap products are available in roll widths up to 48” as well a custom cut sheets. Although these wraps are mil spec, they can be used for commercial items too.

For more information on Edco’s neutral wrap papers, contact your representative.