VCM Goals for 2024

*Did you know that Virtual Church broadcasts to more than 100 million homes in the Middle East weekly?

*Did you know your prayers and support helped us win 161,000 souls for Christ in Nigeria in 2024?

*Did you know we send hundreds of first-quality study Bibles each year to prisoners on our Bible waiting list?

*Did you know our mobile app is helping equip people of all ages from the palm of their hands?

Will you partner with us in 2024?

We want to begin strong by equipping the 161,000 souls won for Christ in 2023 and continue sending the Gospel message to others worldwide by TV broadcast.

Dr. David and Joanna Hairabedian

Giving Options

Our TV program broadcasts into the Middle East weekly on satellite TV in 2023. Inside our recording studio, we prepared a full year of broadcasts for 2024. Will you help us with distribution costs to reach the Middle East with God's love, hope, and message of empowerment? Through satellite, there is no censorship of Jesus in the Middle East, and we can preach the full message of Jesus. We receive messages from viewers in these countries who are hungry for more of Jesus.

161,000 souls were saved in a rural area 130 miles outside of Lagos, Nigeria, named Illuei Uttaih. Evangelist Israel Aggrey and his extended team volunteered their time to preach nightly for three weeks and, as a result, won thousands to Jesus each night. In 2024, we want to send them to disciple these new believers. Will you help us? Our teams want to empower these new believers to win others to Jesus. The Gospel is free, but it take funding to send the equippers.

We send hundreds of Bibles and resource materials to the prisoners and prison chapels each year through our Heart of America Prison Ministries.

We estimate 500,000 prisoners have read David's autobiography, Jet Ride to Hell, and Journey to Freedom. David's true story of hope and miracles has inspired thousands of letters from grateful prisoners! To continue this work, we invite you to help us?

Thank you in advance for all you do!

Your support matters.

Every prayer and financial gift helps, so please join us with your time, talent, prayers, and donations. Share this ministry with others to help expand our Virtual Church community via social media by clicking one of the links below.

Giving Back
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