March 2018
 Zero-Maintenance Mechanics in Site-Specific Cabinets
Did you know that Aeroturn has had 100% end-user retention since May 2001?  
Since 2001, the company has delivered quality turnstile solutions that can’t be replicated by any other manufacturer. The company designs, manufacturers, tests, delivers, and installs the world’s most reliable turnstiles in the industry. Some unique differentiator s that makes Aeroturn stand out from the rest include:

  • Top Tier Engineering Team
  • 100% Secure & Reliable Turnstile Solutions
  • 100% made in USA Turnstiles
  • 10 Million Passages Guaranteed
  • 5-year Zero-Maintenance Warranty
  • Factory Direct Delivery & Installation
  • 20-Year Expected Service Life
  • On-site Training & Demonstrations Available

Did you know that Aeroturn is now featured on ARCAT® ?
By making the Aeroturn turnstile information available on the ARCAT® website, the A & E community can easily find specifications, CAD details, & BIM objects and systems in multiple formats. The ARCAT® website is the most used building product information website and is free to use with no registration required for users.

Did you know that an in-person product demonstration is only a phone call away?  
Contact us today at 20 3-262-8309 to schedule a free demonstration at your site and see why Aeroturn continues to be the industry leader. The only turn you need to make is towards Aeroturn!
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