Build Your Spring2ACTion Team
Tuesday, February 11 from 9-10:30am

Did you know that organizations with Free Agent Fundraisers raise 2.5x more money than those that don’t use them?    Looking for a way to get your Board on board for Spring2ACTion? Interested in attracting new donors to give?

 Incorporating Free Agent Fundraisers (FAF) is a fantastic way to expand your reach during Spring2ACTion. By engaging these individuals, you are utilizing your most passionate supporters to share their stories and fundraise on behalf of your organization.

Kristin Foti of Foti Creative will share industry best practices for peer-to-peer fundraising and ways to incorporate these strategies during and post-Spring2ACTion. Hear from nonprofit leaders from Kelley Cares Foundation and Local Motion Project who have incorporated FAFs into their S2A plans with great success. The GiveGab team will also share the impact of peer-to-peer fundraising on giving days around the country.

Stay after the workshop and join the GiveGab team for a Spring2ACTion 101 Session from 11am - noon. This is ideal for anyone new to the platform or anyone looking for a refresher. The team will also host one-on-one office hours from 1-5pm to help you with your specific platform and strategy questions.

If you missed the Making Spring2ACTion Work for You workshop on January 28, you can find the materials shared by clicking the link below.
Mayor Justin Wilson on Spring2ACTion
“One of the opportunities and challenges of my job is that I am constantly bombarded with demonstrations of the need and all of the organizations that are doing great things. Every year my list of groups to support grows because I’m always finding out about new organizations.”  
Share Your Donors' Stories
What are some of your donors' giving stories? The community wants to hear them! When people hear stories and actions for good, it makes the idea of giving easy, tangible and exciting to do. It's a great way to talk about your mission. Gather a few short stories and use them during Spring2ACTion through your social media channels, blog posts, and more.
Getting Local Businesses Involved

Spring2ACTion   provides an easy and quick way to engage employees, customers, and vendors to give to causes they are passionate about, and spread generosity together. There is even a little friendly competition among the participating businesses!  

If you know of any Alexandria businesses that might be interested in participating in this way with Spring2ACTion, we make it easy. They can support your organization AND get recognition for it on the Business Fundraisers leaderboard.

Click here   for more information on Business Fundraisers or contact Celeste Flores at   .
Need to Update Your Spring2ACTion Administrator?
Email to remove or update admin profiles and permissions in your account. Keeping this information up-to-date will safeguard access to your organization and donation information. 

Questions about Spring2ACTion? Contact Brandi Yee at