Greater voter participation
improves the democratic process
  • More voters means that more people’s views and opinions are being represented. In the 2004 General election there was a voter turnout of 55.3%, meaning that only roughly half of the eligible voter population is making decisions for ALL Americans.

  • Children can’t vote, but you can! What things are important to and for your children? Using your voting power allows you to advocate on behalf of your children and your community.

  • Voting is a great example for your children to follow, and you can bring them with you to the voting booth! When you talk about the electoral process with your children and bring them with you when you vote, you’re teaching them that voting is important. You’re teaching your children to be contributing citizens. All children and youth attending voting stations with their parents will receive a Future Voter sticker.

  • On June 5 there is an opportunity to raise funds for Early Care and Education with a Yes on Proposition C. Vote.

Excerpted from the Public Policy Committee of the Alameda County Early Care & Education Planning Council’s series of voter information emails.
For more election information see SFCCPA's 
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Muni ad for Prop C in Spanish
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