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February 2019
GAGEtrak Support Portal
  and Other Learning Resources   
Whether you have used GAGEtrak for years or it's all new to you, we want to make sure you have all of the support resources you need. Remember, we are here to help you every step of the way.  
Help System  
The comprehensive Help System in GAGEtrak explains the software's features, functions, menus, forms, fields and various button controls. To access the Help System in GAGEtrak 7 or GAGEtrak Lite, click the application icon in the upper left corner of the window, click the Help option and then click the Help icon. You can browse the Help System by table of contents or index topic or you can do a broader search. When doing a broad search, please keep in mind that the Help System will locate every instance of your search word or term. If the results are too broad, try browsing by the table of contents or index options instead.  
User Guide  
A User Guide has been provided on your USB install media in Portable Document Format (PDF). For your convenience, the User Guide and Help System content is identical, but in different formats for the sake of personal preference. You can also download the User Guide in PDF format from our website here: 
Support Portal and Contacting Technical Support  
You may already have login credentials for the GAGEtrak Support Portal; if not, please call us at 1-800-777-7020 option 2 or see the tech tip at the end of this email for instructions on creating an account.  
The Support Portal includes a knowledge base for answers to common questions and explanations for any potential issues you may experience. The Portal will also provide the most efficient means to create a support ticket and engage the support team for any issues you may be experiencing while using our products.  
You can do some quick and basic troubleshooting yourself to possibly resolve an issue without technical support. Please see for these tips. If this effort has not resolved your issue, access the Support Portal by clicking the button at the bottom of the Tech Support web page.  
Log into the portal and click the Knowledge tab to browse the knowledge base. Each article provides detailed instruction as well as links (on the right hand side) to other articles in the same category. At the bottom of an article, you can click I still need help with this to create a ticket for further help on that topic.  
If you don't find what you need in the knowledge base, click the New Incident tab at the top of the web page. Select the appropriate service from the pop-up window and then fill out the form to submit your ticket. One of our skilled technicians will evaluate your issue and contact you with a solution or to set up a remote session to troubleshoot your issue. Any tickets you have submitted will appear within the My Incidents tab; you can access this tab at any time to see the status of your tickets.  
Our Technical Support team is located in the U.S. at our corporate headquarters and can be reached at 1-800-777-7020 option 2. Please contact us directly if you are having any issues accessing the Support Portal.  
We truly appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you.
GAGEtrak Training
training image

Web Training Suite 
Our Web Training Suite covers the same topics as a regional training class, but it's broken down into four easily manageable online sessions. You can register for individual sessions when you just need a refresher or you can register for the full suite and learn to use GAGEtrak like a pro, right off the bat.

Admin Web Training Suite
The Admin Web Training Suite is a series of two interactive online training sessions intended for software administrators, covering topics such as configuration, user/security setup and custom reporting.

GAGEtrak 7 - February-March 2019

Regional Training

Do you prefer to get out of the office? A two-day, hands-on regional training class will take you step by step through planning, preparation, setup and successful operation of GAGEtrak. You'll learn how to save time, avoid common mistakes and get the most out of your software. You'll also learn about advanced topics like data filtering, system maintenance, security and more.

For pricing and to view the full training schedule, please click here .
To register, contact our GAGEtrak Training Specialist
at 1-800-777-7020 ext. 134 or
Did you know?
In addition to the three training types listed above, we also offer onsite training and a custom web training suite. If you need to train more than one user, users at multiple locations or simply want a fully customized training experience on your timeline, please contact us about these special training options.

What is a Trigger Code and how do I get one?

A trigger code is a unique code number required to register your GAGEtrak license. If you don't obtain a trigger code within 30 days of installing GAGEtrak, you will receive a message from GAGEtrak saying that your trial period has expired. Obtaining a trigger code will remove this expiration date. You may also require a new trigger code after reinstalling GAGEtrak because of a workstation upgrade or if GAGEtrak is moved to a new workstation.

Click here for trigger code instructions.
Free Calibration Management Webinars
Webinar Image

Real-world Industry Solutions for Quality Management Professionals

Please join us for a free educational calibration management webinar to learn how to improve efficiency, increase measurement reliability and assure compliance with industry quality standards and regulations.

View the full webinar schedule here
Referral Rewards Program

For each referral you make, you'll receive a $100 reward* in the form of a Visa gift card, or if you are unable to accept such gifts, you may choose a discount on a future purchase with us. You can refer anyone to us to earn rewards - even your in-house quality, maintenance and supplier inspection teams.

*Click here for more information and start earning rewards now!
Tech Tip
How to create an account in the Support Portal

At the bottom of the Tech Support page of the GAGEtrak website, click the Enter the Support Portal button.

On the Support Portal, click Create an account:

Create Account

On the next screen, enter your first name, last name and email address and then click Create Account.
An account activation email will be sent to you; click the activation link.  
On the Portal, enter and confirm your password and then click Create Account:  
Activate account
We encourage you to explore the GAGEtrak Support Portal and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.
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