"Using the AREA Method to Make Better Decisions" with Cheryl Einhorn
 [3, 2, 1, iRelaunch podcast]
Making important life decisions can be overwhelming. How can you ensure that the decisions you make are free from bias? How can you effectively research the important aspects of your decision to reach a conclusion about which you feel confident? In this episode Carol talks with Cheryl Einhorn, adjunct professor at Columbia University, author of, “Problem Solved: A Powerful System for Making Complex Decisions with Confidence and Conviction” and creator of the AREA Method, about her problem-solving process and how relaunchers can use the AREA Method to make reliable complex decisions.
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Confidence-building Fashion -- Video! [iRelaunch blog]
You've finally made the decision to start the relaunch journey. You are about to embark on something that is going to call on every ounce of confidence you have. A great outfit is the icing on the "confidence from within" cake.
Carol Fishman Cohen to Receive NMSN Impact Award at Special Ceremony [PR Newswire]
Carol Fishman Cohen will be honored with the prestigious 2018 NMSN Impact Award at the Capital Military Spouse Career Summit for her significant contributions to military spouse employment.
Four Things You Absolutely Must Do in Your Salary Negotiation [Fast Company]
Countless job seekers and employees still struggle with negotiating salaries and advocating for themselves. Here are some negotiation tricks to keep in mind the next time you’re interviewing for a new job or angling for a raise.
SWE Honored with iRelaunch Impact Award [All Together]
SWE is being recognized at the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference for their leadership role in partnering with iRelaunch to create and co-lead the STEM Re-entry Task Force, which has now enabled well over 300 technical relaunchers to return to work at 20 companies.
How People Think of You May Be Frozen in Time [Career Pivot]
Even if you have been unemployed for a long time and your confidence is waning, many people remember the old you with confidence and vigor. They do not know the person who is worried about whether they will ever get a job again.
The Exact Words to Use When Negotiating Salary [US News]
You have the greatest negotiating power during that short window of time between being offered a job and formally agreeing to take it. How to go about negotiating a salary that reflects what you're worth.
How To Behave When You're the Oldest in the Office [CoveyClub]
When millennials and baby boomers coexist in the same workplace, these are some rules for the older generation to observe in order to be "welcomed at the table."
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