Redding stays 'top-of-mind' post-Carr Fire thanks to Visit California partnership

This time last year, the Redding and surrounding communities banded together following the Carr Fire and it inspired Visit California CEO Caroline Beteta to announce a Carr Fire Recovery Campaign at Redding’s 2018 State of the City Luncheon. The Redding CVB partnered with the Shasta-Cascade Wonderland Association and Visit California with the goal of dispelling misconceptions about what is accessible in Redding, post-fire. The collective messaging through video, photos and audio across multiple mediums reached more than 1 million people, telling them all to visit our beautiful region. We’d love for you to keep the momentum going and spread the word about all our area has to offer for visitors to enjoy! 
Our local support helps bring more visitors to Redding

The Redding CVB team has the pleasure of inspiring people to travel here and we help them navigate our city when they arrive. But the Redding CVB has a pulse locally, providing support for the needs of the community so you can take pride in our city and feel safe as well. The Redding CVB provided funding for emergency services personnel, and contributed to major projects in the advancement of Redding such as the Chamber of Commerce’s Redding City Identity Project, the Shasta County display renovation at the state Capitol, the Garden of Lights, Redding Cultural District, Cascade Theatre, Turtle Bay Exploration Park, and for annual events such as Kool April Nites, Mayor’s Mountain Bike Challenge, Redding Rodeo and the Shasta County Mud Run. We love sharing our city with the outside world.
Visitors help pay local taxes = Redding benefits from our work

Do you want to pay fewer taxes? The Redding CVB helps with that! Our role is to generate revenue for the city of Redding’s General Fund through the hotel Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), paid by visitors not citizens. Those outside dollars boost our local economy and provide the city with funds for emergency personnel services, roads, etc. Did you know that each household in Redding would have to pay an additional $442 annually in local taxes to replace what is generated by visitors? We're sure that's a chunk of money you would love to keep! Tourism is here to help the Redding community thrive on many levels and we're proud to be a major asset in facilitating that process.

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