We get it, life is busy. Sometimes it isn’t easy finding the perfect time to get a massage. Or worse you wait too long and you’re in extreme pain from your muscles tensing up. When we make self care a priority we are better able to serve ourselves and others.

By signing up for the Body & Soul Monthly Massage Membership you:
  • ensure you are taking time at least once a month to spend on you.
  • no longer worry about finding a time for a massage - because it will be booked. Just show up and be ready to relax.
  • live a healthier and wealthier lifestyle by putting your wellness first.
  • find renewed energy when you start taking care of your body’s needs.
Did you know that Body & Soul accepts Health Savings Plans?
Ask us today about using your benefits card for Massage!
Beginner Meditation Group
June 26th, July 10th & July 24th
7:30pm - 8:30pm
Led by Nicole Anastas,of Embody Balance

Perhaps you have heard the benefits of meditation to peak your curiosity, but you do not know what it entails. Perhaps you have dabbled a bit but would like the support of a group to develop a meditation / mindfulness practice.

This beginner Meditation group will teach you a variety of practices and techniques that cultivate awareness and attention; teach you to turn inward to help relieve stress or anxiety; get still and experience peace and focus.

Wear comfortable clothes; bring a yoga mat and water bottle. Chairs will be provided if you prefer.
$12 cash
Call Body & Soul to register: 978-825-0040
Mother Earth Pillows

This Flax Pillow is perfect HOT or COLD to a pply anywhere pain or stiffness strikes.
Place against lower sacral area to relieve long-standing low-back pain, between shoulder blades, or rolled up for neck support. Warm to help relax on those sleepless nights when nothing else works.

Mother Earth Flax Pillows on Sale now at Body & Soul for $37
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