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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Florida now ranks 48th nationally and invests $0.13 per capita
            in its $4.7 billion arts and culture nonprofit industry.                                                   
                                                               Source:  National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

Do you know which nonprofit arts and culture organizations --
a $4.7-billion industry in Florida -- based in the county or counties
               you represent will not receive their much-needed matching Florida
               Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) grant dollars
               in 2018-2019?  

Here is a list of  658 recommended DCA grant applicants that went through a rigorous application and review process established in Florida Statute and Rules to be recommended for these
               state-matching  grants so critical and necessary to 

●   help them leverage the other necessary matching dollars needed to
     meet on average 48% of their annual budgets to sustain their ongoing
     arts and cultural programs and services throughout the year --
     admissions on average only cover about 52% of their annual operating

●   support over 132,366 FTE jobs; 

●   provide greater access to their programs and services for more residents
     and tourists; 

●   attract and retain businesses and tourists; 

●   strengthen student achievement;

●   make a 9 to 1 return each year to local and state government treasuries;

●  and add so many other diverse economic and quality of life elements
     throughout our state.

     Please note that in FY 2014-2015, when the Florida Legislature invested over $43 million to provide full funding for all the well-vetted and recommended DCA matching grants,over $492,341,000
were generated back to Florida local and state government treasuries.  That is a 9 to 1 return.

     If you missed some compelling reasons why these state-appropriation investments matter to your districts, counties, and the entire State of Florida, please review the 2018 Florida Legislative Platform for Arts & Culture.  On this two-page PDF document, you can access informational
research and websites to all 658 Florida nonprofit arts and cultural organizations who applied, qualified, and were recommended for these DCA matching grants; however, they will not get the DCA matching grants they qualify for this upcoming year.  

     Please take some time to review these amazing organizations' work by clicking on their websites under the county where they are based.

     Even better, visit them throughout the year and experience first-hand the contributions they add to our communities and state. Their sustainability and future are dependent upon diverse funding partners.  The State of Florida is an important and valuable funding partner that our industry depends upon to help leverage the support of other funding partners -- the state let this industry down this year.

     We know it was an extremely challenging legislative session.  Please know, however, that Florida's arts and culture industry has and will always connect us all in meaningful and creative ways to help us heal our communities in sad and challenging times.  And in better times and throughout the year, help us celebrate our unique creative assets. Florida's arts and culture industry is always creatively connected to our communities and are here for them in both good and bad times.

     We all look forward to working with you and your colleagues during this year's election process and in future legislative sessions to work to RESTORE and then SUSTAIN Florida's annual appropriation investments to fund these well-established, equitable, fair, and accountable Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs' (DCA) matching grants programs fully.      

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