March 20, 2019

Have you been following the Facebook Test Party Lynn Bardowski is hosting in the L'BRI Consultant Forum?

Executive Manager Cayla Biel has been modeling what to post each day. Last night she went LIVE to SHOW (vs. tell) how to use the Basic Skin Care Set. She was also LIVE today sharing the amazing Facial Peel so guests could actually see it work up close. You can model this as an example for your parties, too!

Watch the replay of Cayla's how-to video to see how she books parties, creates interest in the opportunity and identifies sponsoring leads! As part of our Facebook Party TEST group, Cayla had early access to the training for successful Facebook Parties and been applying the key points to her own parties with great results. She booked a party with a new customer who had never heard of L'BRI, and just sponsored her Hostess who said YES because Cayla's Facebook Party was simple to duplicate.

Watch the replay here...

PS: Sending the hostess a link to a party post (like I did above) so the hostess can send it to guests as a follow-up is one of Lynn Bardowski's workarounds to Facebook notifications. You can also send the link to guests who texted you to get a sample. That's how you take control of your party results!

Check out how Cayla edited the event details to now include a link to the Google Form and her how-to video replay.

Hope to "see" you at the party!


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