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C2 Your Health Women's Initiative partners with Kish Photos
Faces of Life: Women Entrepreneurs
Join us in celebrating you and your business with Melies Kish, Kish Photos Faces of Life: Women Entrepreneurs/ C2 Your Health Women's Initiative is coming together to present the women entrepreneurs in our community. DEADLINE OCTOBER 15TH. .

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Project: Faces of Life: Women Entrepreneurs 

About the project: 
Melies Kish, of Kish Photos, author of the Faces of Life book series is gathering stories of 50 unstoppable women entrepreneurs and showcasing their resilience encouraging women to connect and relate to each other. There has never been a time when sharing women entrepreneurial stories has been more important. The words that we share have the capability to empower those women who come after you, blazing the way, positively impact the world. Speaking up about your passion, business experiences, and success is an easy and effective way to spark change, start conversations and inspire the women around you. www.kishphotos.com 

Why does it matter? 
I’ve always believed in the beauty and power of story and how it can help us understand one another in a deeper, more meaningful way! Sometimes the why behind WHY we do what we do is challenging to share- yet it can be the driving force that adds to the essence and divine beauty we graciously carry thru our personal lives and the business sector! It can also be the very information another person can use to help them on their own personal journey! 

Who benefits? 
I appreciate the assistance and support from Cindy Cohen of C2 Your Women’s Initiative. It is her love of helping women reach that next level and her guidance to many ladies, that I’m excited this series will partner with her nonprofit. 50% of the sales from this book will go back into her mentoring program and will continue to help and bless other women entrepreneurs! www.C2YHWI.org 
Submission Procedure: 
One of the goals of this project is to help the reader connect with you as a person and your entrepreneurial story answering these questions: Who are you? (Starting with ‘I AM’.) Why do you do what you do? What drives you? What else do you feel is important to share with the world? (click the button above for details) For your story please include your name, contact information, website

Submit to:  Melies Kish 

$25 – 2 Professional Portraits
$50 – 5 Professional Portraits
$100 – ALL edited Portraits 

Deadline for Submission: October 15th

Contact info:
Melies Kish 
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