Diddy & Dankline Runs It Back
Phoenix, AZ — March 1, 2020 -- The North American Collegiate League upped the ante by hosting the most popular game of 2019--Fortnite--in an open, free-for-all duos tournament.

With $1,000 in cash made available by the North American Collegiate League (NACL), the Fortnite community flocked to the free-to-enter tournament. The 6 round matches were intense as each duo battled it out against the other teams to capture first place. Tournament gameplay was off to a quick start with each pair wasting no time picking up supplies and ammunition. Savage match after savage match, buildings were constructed at speed and kills were being doled out like candy from a pinata as of the most competitive Fortnite duos in the country and internationally competed. Duos played continuously, round after round, to place high, eliminate many, and accumulate as many points as they could.

While many matches ended in precision shoot-outs between skilled players, some of the more comical matches ended in a stalemate as the last player from duo pairs used their rations such as fish and medkits to outlast each other while the blue circle closed around them. Commentated by the wonderful Paul “Rabies” Santoro, these matches promised some of the most interesting ends. 

Once again, Diddy + Dankline, the champions from our last tournament wowed with their solid teamwork and hyper competitive spirit throughout the 6 matches that ultimately landed them in the number one spot with 73 cumulative competitive points. Phrame + Anxsso placed second with 63 points total and EZ Mithras-a- and Mqffin from Guatemala rounded out the top 3 duos with 56 points in NACL's second Fortnite Duos tournament.

Diddy + Dankline had an uphill battle - dying early on, the dynamic duo didn’t even place top 5 after the second round but by round four the duo had climbed back up in the rankings and secured the number one spot going into match 6. After an initial downfall, our two time champions proved that they could play smarter and harder than anyone could have expected.

It looked like Duos Phrame + Anxsso and EZ Mithras-a- +Mqffin seemed to be the two teams tipped for 1st place, both securing kills early on and fluctuating between 1st and 2nd place until match 4. By match 4 Phrame + Anxsso seemed like they had a good shot at securing a match 5 lead, however, that hope was devastated when Diddy + Dankline finished in 1st with multiple eliminations in the process--catapulting them into the lead. Diddy + Dankline grinded and ended up with 10 more points in match 6 alone - cementing their spot at the champions.

The fight for 3rd place was tight till the end between Phrame + Anxsso and EZ Mithras-a- + Mqffin finishing with 63 points and 56 points respectively. All of our competitors put on a dazzling show - Ice.Evan and Ice_SuperDuper showed us why ICEBRKRSCLAN might just be the next big clan in fortnite - while playing separately from each other, both duos demonstrated great communication. 

While they didn't come out of the tournament with any shiny trophies--duos team DesireCrit and DesireVex impressed everyone with their insane teamwork and building skills. Despite their flashy performances in the tournament, they couldn't quite reach their goal of placing in the top 3.

NACL's next event will be the NASCAR Fanshield 500 Event at Phoenix Raceway on March 7th, 2020 where gamers will compete for the NACL Phoenix Raceway Fanshield 500 VIP Package.
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