Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services has provided free mental health, substance use and suicide prevention services since 1942.

Helping more than 165,000 children and adults from 10 locations and 100 schools throughout the state and U.S. each year.

Didi Hirsch’s Mental Health is Health Month campaign aims to advance equity and parity in the U.S., ensuring the rest of health care prioritizes the mind and body equally.

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This week's theme: Youth in Crisis
  • In December 2021, the U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory on the Youth Mental Health Crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Emergency hospital visits for suspected suicide attempts were 51% higher for adolescent girls and 4% higher for adolescent boys compared to 2019.

  • 26% of 18 to 24-year-olds seriously contemplated suicide during COVID-19

  • 4 in 5 college-bound juniors and seniors say their own or their friends’ mental health is a source of stress

  • 60% of teens and young people with depression cannot access care

  • 6,643 US youth 10-24 years of age died by suicide in 2020
The Impact of Didi Hirsch
Didi Hirsch’s 24/7 coverage ensures that help is always available to those who need it. Our chat/text lines facilitate youth access, the most preferred method of communication by young people.

Our outreach work in schools and follow-up services complement our holistic approach to addressing suicide.

When youth and young adults contact the crisis line, they connect with a crisis counselor trained to deal with difficult conversations. They do not panic, nor do they judge. They’re ready to listen, assess the nature and severity of the problem, help de-escalate, and save lives.

  • In 2021, Didi Hirsch responded to 38,842 calls, chats and texts from youth/teens/college students 24 and younger in Los Angeles who were contemplating suicide or worried about a friend.

  • Didi Hirsch trained 1,984 middle/high school and college students/teachers/parents in 2021 to recognize and respond to warning signs of suicide. 
Didi Hirsch's Services for Teens / Youth / College Students
Specialized mental health services for Transition Age Youth (TAY):

  • Didi Hirsch helped 1,129 TAY (aged 16-25) clients in 2021 through our outpatient mental health, crisis residential, and substance use programs. 

  • A majority of transition-aged youth (90%) supported by these services came from communities of color. 

  • Over a third of clients (37%) identified as Latino – the largest racial/ethnic group served by this program.

  • Hip Hop Heals, Launching Pad, Teen Art Therapy and psycho-educational groups (Sister Insider, Band of Brothers) help teens and young adults embark on a positive life path into adulthood – toward personal growth, housing stability, employment, education, and positive family/social relationships.

  • For further information, contact Didi Hirsch’s Intake Line (888) 807-7250
You can save lives with a gift to Didi Hirsch.

Your investment will ensure trained and caring staff and volunteers are available to provide quality mental health, substance use and suicide prevention services to those most in need. Throughout the pandemic, Didi Hirsch has remained steadfast in our commitment to provide lifesaving healthcare to children, families and adults.

Your support will ensure that callers can count on us when they need help. Please make a donation today!
Our Mental Health Youth Ambassador Adia Fadaei was featured in a full story surrounding Mental Health Is Health Month on CBS. View the story here.

Our COO Lyn Morris joined Fox11 to discuss Naomi Judd’s death by suicide and shared crucial insights about the importance of getting help. You can see the story here.

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Didi Hirsch Health Heroes
Learn about Kiem Tang, Helpdesk Technician II and Tara Palacios, Administrative Assistant II from the Health and Innovation team, on their drive and passion with Didi Hirsch. Please meet Didi Hirsch’s 2022 Health Heroes.
National Prevention Week
National Prevention Week (NPW) is a national public education platform designed to raise awareness about the importance of substance use prevention and positive mental health. SAMHSA's NPW is May 8 through 14, 2022.


  • NPW 2022: #MyPreventionStory : This year, SAMHSA is creating a new way to participate in National Prevention Week (NPW) through this hashtag. It is a way to acknowledge our mental health and substance use prevention experiences. Learn more on their site.

The above information comes from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) and American Addiction Centers.

For information about Didi Hirsch substance use treatment and prevention services visit here.
We provide healing during and through your crisis: Crisiscare.org
Whether you or someone you know has experienced thoughts of suicide, made a suicide attempt, or lost someone to suicide, Didi Hirsch’s care is compassionate and tailored to your needs.

Didi Hirsch Crisis Counseling is available through our Suicide Prevention Center – including suicide-specialized therapy for individuals and families, support groups and training.

For immediate assistance, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, go to crisischat.org or text HEARME to 839863 (for deaf or hard of hearing).

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Next week's theme: Crisis Care Continuum

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