Dietitians Available to Support the Pandemic
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Health has asked that the CDBC build a list of registrants who are available to assist with the health care system capacity. 
If you are a Non-Practicing, Temporary or Full registrant who is not already currently supporting the COVID-19 pandemic and would be able to assist with the health care system capacity please notify the College. If you are willing and able to support, please send the following information to the CDBC:
-           Your full name;
-           Your registration number;
-           The region or Health Authority you are able to assist;
-            Area of practice that you are able to work in (clinical nutrition, food service management, public health)
-           Restricted activities you are registered with, if any.
Please email with the information and the object “Emergency Dietitian for COVID-19” .By providing this information to the College you are consenting for your registration information to be shared with BC government agencies and Health Authorities.
If you are contacted by the government to be deployed in a health authority and are in a non-practising registration class, please contact the College and we will assist you to reinstate to Full registration. Your Full registration would be valid for 90 days with no fee applicable (as per the College Emergency Registration Class). If the emergency continues after 90 days, the Registrar can renew it for an additional 90 days. Only non-practising registrants who are contacted to support pandemic can be eligible to this process.
Please contact the College staff if you have questions.
Call 604.742.6395 or toll-free in BC to 1.888.742.6395, or email us at