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December 2019
Dietrich College News
On Humanity: Diversifying Tech Talent
Jeria Quesenberry , associate teaching professor in the Department of Information Systems, discusses her work on global diversity and inclusion issues in tech fields. She also highlights the IS program’s project-based courses for social good, which she describes as “the jewels in our crown.”

Study Finds Girls and Boys Have Equal Math Ability
Jessica Cantlon at Carnegie Mellon University led a research team that comprehensively examined the brain development of young boys and girls. Her team's research shows no gender difference in brain function or math ability.

John Milton's Freedom of the Press Pamphlet Printers Found
Fearing persecution and punishment, printers in Britain from 1473 to 1800 didn't attach their names to many books and pamphlets, leaving the origin of many historical texts unidentified. An interdisciplinary team of literary scholars, statisticians and computer scientists from Carnegie Mellon University has attributed the Nov. 23, 1644 printing of "Areopagitica" to the London printers Matthew Simmons and Thomas Paine, with the possible involvement of Gregory Dexter.

Alumni Spo tlight: Why Tech Needs Humanities Majors
Leslie Robertson (DC  1989 ), vice president of software development at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, recently brought her experience in the tech industry  to an interactive talk and roundtable discussion for the Dietrich College Entrepreneurship Speaker Series.

The Mortar Board Senior Honor Society Launches
the Kindness Rocks Project with #kindkidscmu

Upcoming Alumni Events
Thursday, Dec. 5, 1 p.m. Eastern
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Class Notes
Find out what's new with Dietrich College students and alumni, including  Justin Fidler  (DC 1997), Andras Molnar  and nine inductees from the Dietrich College’s class of 2020 to  Phi Beta Kappa  in  Class Notes .

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Personal Mentions
Read about news and accomplishments from the college's faculty and staff, including  Ayana Ledford Marlene Behrmann Barbara Shinn-Cunningham  and  Marcel Just  in this issue's  Personal Mentions .  

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