Learn Why Diets Don't Work at ANAD's 2017 Conference with Keynote Speaker, Dr. Janet Tomiyama
Let's finally put the notion that dieting is healthy or helpful to rest ONCE AND FOR ALL this year at ANAD's 2017 Conference!

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Janet Tomiyama, will lead the way by sharing the  reasons  dieting might fail, the important role of stress in dieting and unhealthy eating, and the negative effects of anti-fat bias and weight stigma. This is information that all eating disorder professionals as well as those in Recovery and their Family, Friends and Loved Ones should learn. 

Professionals can earn up to 11.5 CE credits at this year's conference. Read some of the educational session highlights below and see the rest of the conference schedule here.

ANAD also warmly welcomes meditation app, Headspace, as an ANAD 2017 Conference Sponsor, and is excited to introduce and share this wonderful mindfulness tool with all conference attendees!
ANAD's Conference now welcomes those in Recovery and their Families, Friends and Loved Ones to attend too! Check out these two attendee tracks here.

We also want to remind you to register soon!

We hope to see you at  ANAD's 2017 Conference this October! Come change the way you think about Recovery! 

Happy Monday! 
Laura Zinger
Executive Director
Professionals Can Earn up to 11.5 CE Credits with These Conference Highlights 
Plenary Workshop: 

Dr. Judy Scheel will teach concepts from her book, When Food is Family, including: learning ‘emotional language’ that families can finally understand each other,  show how to dismantle blame and will offer an opportunity for patients to become less afraid of abandoning their eating disorder in pursuit of authenticity.

Mazella Fuller, PhD, Norman Kim, PhD, and Charlynn Small, PhD will lead this training which will cover  additional stigma and marginalization that different populations with eating disorders will encounter, identifying culturally competent assessment and treatment services and will facilitate providers’ cultural knowledge to help them  better work with clients from marginalized populations.

Speaker, Kelly Roman, will offer a presentation to introduce researchers, clinicians and patients to FDA-Cleared, wearable neurostimulation that is used today to treat bipolar depression; discuss the reasons why the technology is relevant to eating disorder patients; take a deep dive into recent published research that demonstrates the tech’s safety and effectiveness in treating bipolar depression. Kelly will also do the first live demonstration of Kortex, scientifically validated neurostimulation for VR headsets. .  
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